If you"ve to be to whole Foods in the last two years and you have actually an Amazon element account, you"ve most likely noticed the option to scan your entirety Foods Market application while checking out.

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What does the app do? Does it really save you money? exactly how does it work? us looked into it because that you.
amazon element members space now obtainable in more stores! examine to see if they’re in ~ your regional store climate download the whole Foods Market application to start saving today: https://t.co/NWSm0LwpLb. #PrimexWholeFoods pic.twitter.com/50IObygWlZ

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But, prior to we obtain into just how the app works, let"s find out a little bit about the history between Amazon and Whole Foods.Prior to two years ago, the two companies were individually owned and also operated.However, in mid-2017, Amazon, in an effort to broaden their industry share and also delve right into the grocery sector, purchased totality Foods for $13.7 billion. The buyout actually came as a blessing in disguise for whole Foods.Whole foods was struggling at the time, and its challenges were apparent in that is finances. In 2017, before it to be bought the end by Amazon, same-store sales were declining 1.5 percent, according to regulatory filings. The vault year, castle were declining 2.5 percent.Indeed, the buyout permitted Whole foodstuffs to get earlier on that is feet and administer fresh groceries via virtual orders. If the firm retained many of its brick-and-mortar stores, the was also able to sell much of its produce online by means of AmazonFresh.

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As of 2019, there are several means for Amazon customers to take advantage of Amazon"s acquisition of whole Foods--Prime users in particular.
While AmazonFresh needs its own membership fee (at a discount for Prime users), world who are currently members of Amazon Prime can still conserve on your groceries.HOW that WORKS

1) Download the entirety Foods sector app2) authorize in with your Amazon element account. Friend will check out savings on products as displayed in the photos below


3) Head to a totality Foods close to you 4) items in the keep with a yellow sale authorize will conserve Prime members an extra 10 percent in ~ checkout and also items through a blue sale sign are deals that are just for element members5) in ~ checkout, take the end your whole Foods sector app and also scan the square bar code. Alternatively, you can administer the phone number connected with her Prime account.