When I began researching the SmartCharge LED Bulb i was intrigued that it might tell the difference in between a strength outage verses just turning off the switch. I was excited to see it for myself. Here is what I found after do the efforts 5 different light sockets:

1. In a ceiling socket that connected to a irradiate switch which controlled two different light fixtures (the SmartCharge LED bulb turned top top OK yet would use the backup battery as soon as I flipped the move to rotate it off, the backup battery have to only come on once the strength to the house is reduced off).

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2. In a night stand lamp that had a 3 light setup capability (the SmartCharge LED Bulb would certainly not turn on).


3. In a ceiling socket that had actually two sockets in one light fixture yet was the just fixture affix to the irradiate switch (the SmartCharge LED pear turned ~ above OK but used the backup battery when turned turn off so there was constantly a light on until the battery died).


4. In a tall touch desk lamp (the Smartcharge smart pear turned on OK and also off OK however then would randomly turn the back-up battery light on without gift prompted).


5. Finally, ns was maybe to discover a solitary socket that was the only fixture affix to the light switch. (the Smartcharge smart bulb functioned perfectly! it turned top top OK, off OK, and when the strength was turned turn off the back-up battery operated great).


Finding the best light socket the the Smartcharge smart bulb would work in was a little troublesome but if friend do have actually the appropriate socket then this is a good prep for power outages! strength outages can happen from natural calamities like a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc. The can likewise occur in cities when the electricity demand exceeds the city’s power supply capability. Climate there are crashes involving power-lines and regular upgrades and maintenance. There are many reasons why the power could go the end so having actually an emergency light can come in handy.

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Smartcharge Smart bulb Features:
Works with a standard Light Fixture 4 hrs of Light during a power Outage built in Rechargeable Battery / Charges throughout normal use turns On/Off native the Switch during Power Outages energy Efficient, ROHS Compliant immediate On

– Brightness – Minimum 350 lumen -Annual Energy expense – .80¢ USD

-Color Temperature – 5000K -Wattage – 5.5 Watt 

-Bulb Voltage – 110-240V -40 watts equivalent

-UL, CE, FCC, & ROHS certified

Note: This product was sent out to me in exchange because that a review.

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