Snakes know exactly how to slither right into some pretty inexplicable spaces—your toilet being one of them! Here's how to eliminate the toilet line for good.

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You know, there space a the majority of strange things that can end up in your toilet. Most people feel the you deserve to flush pretty lot anything down the toilet, however in all actuality, there really isn’t much that should go under those pipes (especially this 12 things you have to never flush down the toilet). However the strangest that all the you i will not ~ expect? Snakes.

Maybe snakes slithering up her toilet no as lot of a huge deal for you, due to the fact that toilet snakes are actually a geography issue. If snakes space a normal component of wildlife near your home, it may be an worry you are already familiar with.

Stories around snakes in toilets have been splattering the web lately. One guy in north Carolina also reported the the line he recently discovered was the sixth snake come come increase his restroom in four years. One man in Texas referred to as the police ~ his son stated a six-foot-long indigo snake poking his head the end of the bowl.

How perform snakes gain in there?

Ventilation pipes! Yes, the one ~ above the roof. Because bathroom plumbing is usually connected through ventilation pipe on the roof, snakes deserve to slither their means through the ventilation system and, soon, right into your john.

Snakes have the right to slither their method up something that will certainly lead them come the roof—such as trees. If you have actually a tree close come the roof, and also your ventilation pipe, your chances of a snake joining you in the bathroom can considerably increase.

How to avoid snakes in the toilet

It’s simple! uncover a means to make certain the ventilation is covered, however can still carry out the task it’s plan for. Open up ventilation pipes are easy enough for snakes to slither through. However having some sort of block—like a mesh or wire covering—will keep the snakes and also any various other pests (like rats!) the end of your bathroom.

One method to execute this would be installing a roof vent hood. Roof vent hoods will protect the venting while maintaining the creepy pests out.

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Speaking of your bathroom plumbing, how’s the ventilation? These signs of poorly vented plumbing drainpipe lines will assist you settle some other worries you may be having in the bathroom.