Anyone acquainted with the Duggars knows they"re big on being frugal. On your show and in their many books, castle love to preach around how they"ve regulated to live debt-free through 19 kids. The household buys everything used, provides their own laundry soap, payment for every little thing in cash, and they also invest a lot in cheap commercial real estate. You"ve probably heard Jim Bob or Michelle Duggar droll on around "buy it used and also save the difference." lock preach it so much, it"s as much a part of their photo as ankle-length skirts or pickles. It all sounds a small too perfect, and also that"s due to the fact that it is. The truth is that, prior to TLC and the work of owning planes, the Duggars were reportedly pinching pennies and also relying top top handouts. And also oh yeah, castle definitely had actually debts. Below, every the methods the Duggars haven"t been fully honest around their finances.

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TLC allegedly paid for your house.

In the Duggars" an initial TV special, they resided in a tiny three-bedroom home that lock crammed through 14 kids. Due to the fact that they were outgrowing the space, Jim Bob to buy a huge lot and also built the residence on it. Top top the show, Jim Bob asserted that he, John-David, and also Josh all constructed the house together themselves through zero experience and also with only help from one contractor. Together for the money, Jim Bob said they made an ext than enough revenue renting the end their assorted commercial properties.

If all of that sound too great to it is in true, that"s because there"s a opportunity it is. "Alice," the cotton commenter who an initial revealed the mock Duggar molestation scandal seven years prior to In Touch Weekly did, claimed that TLC paid the family $200,000 to complete their house. Back the Duggars purchase the lot themselves and had already started construction way before TLC cameras proved up, the home was allegedly not as much as code and also incredibly behind schedule. Follow to "Alice," the only thing the Duggars paid for to be the commercial-sized kitchen the they bought indigenous an auction in cash. (The Duggars evidenced the component about the kitchen acquisition in The Duggars: 20 and also Counting!)

TLC sort of shown this throughout the special On the roadway with 16 Children. While talking about the new home, the voiceover defined that TLC "helped with the finishing touches." Hey, that"s every the confirmation us need.


The Duggars are far from living "debt-free."

When doling the end financial advice, Jim Bob and also Michelle are constantly preaching around how lock live a debt-free life by living in ~ their means and buying whatever used. Being "debt-free" is such a huge component of their picture that they"ve dedicated entire episodes and whole chapters from their books about it. But the reality is the the Duggars do have actually debt, according to public documents we obtained.

Back in 2007, a firm who laid under concrete ~ above their property filed paperwork threatening the Duggars because that an unpaid $3,433 bill. The family eventually paid the bill a totality four months later after a lien was filed. That course, a tiny $3,000 bill is more than likely chump change to the family members now, yet it"s hardly living "debt-free."


Then there"s the an enig surrounding the home they live in before their huge new home.

Before moving into their large 7,000 square-foot existing house, the Duggars were all crammed right into this little house the was featured top top 14 Kids and also Pregnant Again. The family at some point sold the home to the church next door in 2001 and also it was demolished. Jim Bob asserted on the show and also in their books that he saved up 7 years precious of savings come afford to pay $65,000 because that the house in cash.

But according to public residential or commercial property records, Jim Bob got the house in 1992. Judging by the warranty deed, he paid a grand sum of $1 because that it. Considering the residence used come be owned by Michelle"s father, Garrett Ruark, it"s possible Jim Bob paid because that it off the books. Yet if Jim Bob did salary $65,000 for the house, why would he offer it to the church for only $1? we guess it"s a mystery.


They reportedly earn $25,000-$40,000 per episode.

Although the Duggars re-publishing a many of good financial advice, choose buying used and also investing in actual estate, many of their revenue comes courtesy the being truth TV stars. Shocking, huh? according to reality producer Terence Michael, reality show families have tendency to knife 10 percent of the show"s per-episode budget. So, because that example, if one episode expenses $250,000 to shoot, the Duggars would obtain $25,000. And also considering each episode takes around three to 4 days come shoot, that"s a pretty good income. Makes an ext sense why castle don"t yes, really do much else workwise once you think around it…


They gain money from product placements.

Many that the items in the Duggars" home are allegedly no paid for by the family. According to cotton commenter "Alice," TLC purchase all your furniture, and the remainder of your items to be donated by companies. "Everything inside the home was offered to them except the kitchen," lock claimed. "They walk buy that themselves. The rest is every free. Mar and Josh was (sic) ~ above the call day and also night questioning for donations indigenous soup come Computers. They likewise received a Baby cool Piano from Campbell Soup Co."

This is other fans have long doubt from the Duggars. Most recently, the family"s society media accounts have actually come under scrutiny because that blatant ad sponsorship.

They get a lot of donations.

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Although the Duggars hardly must rely on free hand-me-downs now, back before they were truth TV megastars, they relied predominately on donations. This is no secret. Jim Bob and also Michelle have actually both talked about the generous donations they obtained from church members, who offered them everything from furniture to clothes.

However, resources on the Internet have alleged the Duggars would receive complimentary food indigenous pantries and even get cost-free used vehicles donated, although us couldn"t confirm these claims. If that"s true, the paints a lot darker photo of the Duggars pre-TLC. They to be a family that struggled to do ends meet and also might perhaps still be struggling now if that weren"t for your show.

Not come say the family doesn"t work difficult (their guideline to "buy used and save the difference" is an excellent advice come follow), yet the Duggars and also their TV show try a small too tough to make the family look perfect. And judging by what we"ve dug up, that"s plainly not the case. Nobody is snapshot perfect after all, right?