It’s hard not to autumn a little bit in love v HGTV stars Drew and also Jonathan Scott. This Property Brothers hosts space undeniably good at what castle do, renovating outdated properties and transforming them right into dream homes for their clients. The talented (and handsome) twins have serious surname recognition and one the the most well-known shows top top the network plus several spinoffs.

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Most fans have actually dreamed of appearing on the display andimagining what it would be choose for Drew and Jonathan Scott to worktheir magic on a property just for them. However, all those aspiring PropertyBrothers show participants better be financially steady if they desire to goon the show. The not precisely cheap to get cast.


Drew and also Jonathan Scott | Jason Davis/Getty pictures for HGTV

You’ll require a large renovation budget to show up on ‘PropertyBrothers’

Drew and Jonathan Scott don’t have actually a dues for their renovation services on the show, but there is a clear financial threshold for any prospective participant. Follow to 2019 casting documents, HGTV requires Property brothers show prospects to have actually at the very least $90,000 to spend on a renovation. The does not incorporate the expense of the residence itself.

And that’s not all. As well as just having actually money come spend, you’llalso have to exhibit some particular characteristics that would make for goodtelevision.

‘Property Brothers’ has specific personality requirements

If ns pinch myself, execute you think my pair feels it? since I still can’t think I obtain to execute what i do and also call that work. For this reason happy that I acquire to help adjust people’s lives, one house at a time! . . . #propertybrothers #foreverhome #family #home #lovewhatyoudo #design #renovation #hgtv

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No one wants to check out a boring human being looking because that a dream home. If you need Drew and also Jonathan Scott to assist you uncover your dream home, you’ll an initial and foremost should be in the procedure of buying and also renovating a fixer-upper. You’ll additionally need to exhibition an outgoing, energetic personality and also have opinions and also interesting stories to tell.

Have a demanding job? climate you’ll must take some vacation time. The Property Brothers producers require present participants to be easily accessible for as much as 10 days of filming and they must be able to make fast decisions so the brothers have the right to stay ~ above schedule.

Some things on the present are fake

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Like any type of “reality” show, not everything you view on PropertyBrothers is completelylegit. Because that example, many homebuyers have already purchased a house torenovate and also don’t actually think they can afford that first house castle tourbefore pretending to have actually sticker shock.

While unexpected problems are bound come come up, everything is made to look an ext dramatic because that television. That would want to clock a show where an entire renovation went exactly to plan from begin to finish? That’s just boring.

At the very least you have the right to keep the furniture on ‘Property Brothers’

There room SOME reflects (ahem, Fixer Upper) wherein the furniture and staged accessories need to be purchased separately. But not so on Property Brothers. Attracted Scott himself evidenced that all the furniture and also décor is included in the total renovation budget.

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On every our mirrors they do except Buying and also Selling. Because we are just staging to market we use a lot of leased furniture

— drew Scott (

That’s an excellent news because that fans who desire to move right into the exacthouse lock see during the large reveal without spending thousands more to furnishtheir pretty brand-new space.

Property Brothers isn’t right now casting, yet when castle do, the worth applying for if she a fan through a vast budget because that renovating!