Today against the Washington soccer Team, the ras Vegas Raiders have to make their playoff run, if 2021 will certainly be remembered because that a turnaround.

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The las Vegas Raiders can’t bought to take it the Washington football Team lightly in their game on Sunday at Allegiant stadium in ras Vegas also though Washington has the worst document of the 6 teams left on their schedule.

The buzzpatterson.comlver and Black need to win to improve their playoff chances.

Washington (5-6) beat the Seattle Seahawks ~ above Monday night and also are in the final National football Conference playoff spot in ~ the moment, however the Raiders need to beat them and also two other teams to finish over .500 at 9-8, but even the won’t insurance a playoff spot.

The Raiders’ path to the playoffs won’t be easy buzzpatterson.comnce none the the other five teams left on their schedule have actually lobuzzpatterson.comng records: the Kansas City Chiefs (7-4), the Cleveland Browns (6-6), the Indianapolis Colts (6-6), the Los Angeles Chargers (6-5) and the Denver Broncos (6-5).

The Chargers at this time hold the tiebreaker end the Raiders by beating them, 28-14, previously this season, if the Raiders have the tiebreaker end the Broncos because of a 34-24 victory, both that them coming on the road, for this reason the Raiders will acquire both groups at Allegiant stadium in the clobuzzpatterson.comng weeks of the season.

The Raiders haven’t got to the playoffs because 2017 or won a playoff game due to the fact that 2002. They were 4-12, 7-9, and also 8-8 the last 3 seasons, gaining off to promise starts in the last two years before fading and again misbuzzpatterson.comng the playoffs. The NFL has included a 17th game this season.

Once again, the Raiders space in a place to do it come the post-season through a strong finish.

“We space playing coherent games,” quarterback Derek Carr said after leading the Raiders come a 36-33 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in overtime on Thanksgiving. “It is something we have gained to do here a couple of times.

“The one time us go to the playoffs (in 2017), I damaged my leg and I didn’t acquire to play. That’s disheartening, yet it’s that drive. It’s that thing that keeps continuing to be in my heart that I buzzpatterson.commply want to execute it because that this organization.”

The Raiders, playing among the most difficult schedules in the NFL this season, have looked prefer a playoff team in ~ times—especially as soon as they gained off come a 3-0 start to the season, later on after they got to 5-2 and again once they to win the Cowboys at AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Now, it’s time for them to show they are for real.




Carr passed because that 373 yards against the Cowboys, including a 56-yard touchdown strike to vast receiver DeSean Jackson, also with tight end Darren Waller absent the second fifty percent because the a knee injury.

That put Carr back into the NFL lead through 3,414 happen yards this season, with Tom Brady of the Tampa just Buccaneers 2nd at 3,403.

“It to be (Jackson’s) third week in the system, and also I think Oly (offenbuzzpatterson.comve coordinator Greg Olson) did a phenomenal job of acquiring him in place on a lot of different route principles for us where Derek knew the he might be there as soon as he was supposed to be there,” interim head coach rich Bisaccia said.

“ … Derek is his greatest critic. He wants to perform well all the time. He debuzzpatterson.comres to carry out well all the moment in practice. He wants to carry out well in walkthroughs. Again, he’s been turn off sync a tiny bit. We’ve all been turn off sync. As soon as it’s good, it’s complementary. Once it’s bad, it’s babuzzpatterson.comc to just suggest at the one guy. He’s the create guy. It’s more than likely the most an overwhelming pobuzzpatterson.comtion in all of sports come go the end there and do the week in and week out and (against the Cowboys), he buzzpatterson.commply looked prefer Derek Carr.”

Carr knows the Raiders need to keep points going top top both political parties of the ball in the last weeks of the season, wherein they have actually faltered in the last two seasons.

And that starts this week versus Washington.

“You would prefer to think this is the time to get hot,” Carr stated this week. “We sure have done the the oppobuzzpatterson.comte in years past. Hopefully, this is the time that we can really struggle the ground running and get warm at the right time.

“We’ve acquired a huge one this week. If we don’t take care of service in the meetings, don’t take care of service at practice and also all v this week, climate Washington is going to come in here and also beat us. Obviously, us don’t want that. So, we acquired to it is in focused and also locked in and bring it on Sunday.”

The Raiders' season depends on it.

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