Now in Season 6, and also after 12 year of three-story episodes, Waters states he’s ready to take it on the 22-minute history lesson.


Seth Rogen as Dr. Frankenstein in “Drunk History.”

Comedy Central

“I didn’t want to go as well meta, however I thought it make sense,” Waters said. “It’s about a human who speak a story at a party.”

Ferrell return to “Drunk History” because that the third time, Waters said, to be “so exciting. I median he’s ours producer — he’s assisted me the end so much. But I’m tho nervous. It’s still will certainly Ferrell. You desire to you re welcome him. He’s dressed together Frankenstein’s monster telling me around his life.”

Serving his cast isn’t Waters’ only priority, as he remains focused on proceeding to evolve the show’s format.

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Waters wishes to do an ext episodes that emphasis on one specific story, as opposed come the now-standard layout of 3 stories an episode. “With the continual order of three stories every episode, you might shoot other in October and also then the various other one in December, and also you’re favor ‘oh, ns forgot–‘ We have the right to do much more runner jokes, you know, tiny Easter egg throughout the story.”

Waters still drinks while hanging out v the storytellers, however otherwise has cut ago a great deal. “I take it a break, to heal,” that said. “I only drink once I’m acquiring paid.”

In fact, if he felt he required to stop drinking entirely, he’d find someone to sit in for him ~ above camera, i beg your pardon does occur on Season 6. “Taran Killam is a guest hold this year,” he said. “Having civilization sit in because that me every when in a while helps me take it a break and also evolves the present a small more.”

However, his ambitions stay the same: “I constantly say it, however I don’t say it to be nice.

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I just want to do the show if it’s going come be far better than the season before, and also this season is the best.”

“Drunk History” airs Tuesdays in ~ 10 p.m. Top top Comedy Central.

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