Antacids assist to law heartburn (indigestion). They work by neutralizing the stomach mountain that causes heartburn.

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You deserve to buy numerous antacids without a prescription. Liquid forms work faster, but you may like tablets since they are easy to use.

All antacids occupational equally well, but they can cause different side effects. If you usage antacids often and have difficulties with next effects, talk through your health treatment provider.

Antacids room a great treatment because that heartburn the occurs once in a while. Take antacids about 1 hour after eating or as soon as you have actually heartburn. If you space taking them because that symptoms in ~ night, perform not take it them with food.

Antacids cannot treat more serious problems, such as appendicitis, a stomach ulcer, gallstones, or bowel problems. Talk to your provider if girlfriend have:

Pain or symptoms that perform not get much better with antacidsSymptoms every work or at nightNausea and also vomitingBleeding in your bowel activities or darkened bowel movementsBloating or crampingPain in your lower belly, on her side, or in her backDiarrhea the is major or does not go awayFever through your ship painChest pains or shortness that breathTrouble swallowingWeight loss that you cannot explain

Call your provider if you have to use antacids on most days.

You may have side results from acquisition these medicines. Antacids are made with 3 an easy ingredients. If you have problems, try another brand.

Brands v magnesium may cause diarrhea.Brands with calcium or aluminum may reason constipation.

Antacids can readjust the means your body absorbs the other medicines you room taking. That is finest to take any type of other medication either 1 hour before or 4 hrs after you take antacids.

Talk to her provider or pharmacist prior to taking antacids on a continual basis if:

You space on a low-sodium diet.You are currently taking calcium.You room taking other drugs every day.You have had actually kidney stones.

Alternative Names

Heartburn - antacids; Reflux - antacids; GERD - antacids


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