You live a liven life. The last thing you require is sales calls, or also worse, calls from scammers. Yet they can happen from time come time.

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Tap ~ above the 3 vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner. The course, girlfriend can likewise go come the device Settings too.Some Android phones speak to this same feature call Blocking or miscellaneous similar. Tap ~ above the listing that has the indigenous Block or some variation of it. These are the clogged numbers on your phone.

Viewing blocked Numbers from the text App

Another way to see your clogged Numbers is with your message app. Here’s what come do:

When you open up the brand-new Settings menu, you’ll view a list of options. Tap Blocked.Note: If her phone has Spam Protection, you may see an choice to check out Spam & Blocked. Click the to watch potential spam messages and the phone call numbers linked with them.If you don’t have actually the Spam defense feature, your phone might simply have the clogged Contacts option. Tapping ~ above it brings you ago to the same page that friend see once viewing via your Phone app.

Another option is come block the number native the blocklist itself. As discussed briefly above, friend can add numbers come the blocklist native the Settings. Tap on the + icon, or insanity Add, then input the phone number.


Can I eliminate a phone number indigenous the blocklist?

Absolutely! friend can conveniently remove a call number indigenous the blocklist by using the instructions over to find the call number. Then, tap ~ above the sign next to it.


With great Power…

One critical word about putting numbers on her Block List:

That contact can’t call or message you, however it functions both ways.

You can’t call or text them either.

Before you decide to banish who to that Blocked numbers list, think carefully. Room you specific the number belong on the list?

Banishing someone might be an easy solution for the moment. However you might miss the end on potentially important calls in the future.

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Have you ever before had come block a number ~ above Android? did you usage the methods outlined above? permit us know in the comment ar below.