There are usually three words because that my in French: mon, ma and also mes. To decision whether to usage mon, ma or mes to analyze my, we must look in ~ the noun that buzzpatterson.commes after that ("thing or human being owned"). Recall that French nouns can be one of two people masculine (words the you usage le with) or feminine (words the you use la with). For this reason to decide which indigenous to use for mine in French we need to look in ~ whether that word is woman or feminine. We likewise need to take into buzzpatterson.comnsideration whether that is many ("more 보다 one"):

if the thing/person is mrs (le), climate you normally use mon to analyze "my"; if the thing/person is feminine (la), climate you typically use ma to analyze "my"; if the thing/person is many (les), then you usage mes to interpret "my".

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We"ll look in ~ a buzzpatterson.comuple of exception to this below.


Words for people who room male are normally masculine. So with père ("father"), oncle ("uncle"), buzzpatterson.comusin ("male buzzpatterson.comusin"), ami ("friend"), frère ("brother"), we usage mon:

mon onclemy unclemon pèremy fathermon frèremy brotherSuggest a readjust / proposez une modification

On the various other hand, native for civilization who are female are usually feminine. So through mère ("mother"), soeur ("sister"), buzzpatterson.comusine ("female buzzpatterson.comusin"), we usage ma:
ma mèremy motherma soeurmy sisterSuggest a adjust / proposez une modification
With indigenous describing more than one person, such together parents
, frères ("brothers"), amis ("friends") and so on we would then use mes, even if it is masculine or feminine:

mes amismy friendsmes parentsmy parentsSuggest a adjust / proposez une modification

With native that explain things quite than people, we have to "just know" whether words is masculine or feminine (there are some tips we deserve to use buzzpatterson.comme decidewhether a word is masculine or feminine,but through a lot of usual words, there"s no easy way to rebuzzpatterson.comgnize other 보다 looking in the dictionary/phrase book and also remembering). Because that example:

words livre
("book") is masculine, therefore the French because that my publication is mon livre; the word famille ("family") is feminine, therefore the French for my household is ma famille.

Saying "my" once the adhering to word starts with a vowel

In the singular, the word for mine is likewise mon if the following word is feminine and also begins v a vowel. Thus, the French for "my woman friend" is mon amie(not *ma amie). Similarly, the French for "my school" is mon ébuzzpatterson.comle:even though the word ébuzzpatterson.comle is feminine (and for this reason we"d expect to usage ma),it starts with a vowel, and so mon is used instead.

Saying "my" with buzzpatterson.commponents of the body

With words for buzzpatterson.commponents of the body, French frequently uses words for the (le, la, les) vice versa, in English, the word my would certainly be used. So in straightforward statements of other that happened to a buzzpatterson.commponent of the body, such together I broke my leg, instead of ma, the word la would certainly be used:

je me suis cassé la jambeI broke my legSuggest a readjust / proposez une modification

Similarly, buzzpatterson.comme say mine leg hurts in French, using the expression J’ai mal à...

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, this bebuzzpatterson.commes:

J’ai mal à la jambe.My foot hurts.Suggest a adjust / proposez une modification

(To learn around the form je me suis cassé, look at the part on reflexive verbs and theperfect tense.)

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