In fact, according to a current poll that ns ran on the community section of mine YouTube channel, just 3% of males rate themselves together ugly.

Most males rate themselves as either typical looking or good looking, v a little percentage rating themselves together very an excellent looking and also below average looking.

So, you’re most likely not one of the 3% percent of men who rate themselves together being ugly.


One final allude that I want to make for girlfriend in this video is that when a guy is labeled as ugly through some other people, the doesn’t typical that anyone else thinks that he is ugly.

This is another reason why ‘ugly’ males can get themselves a pretty girlfriend.

When a pretty mrs meets a male who some human being might brand as gift ugly, she won’t always agree with that.

Sometimes she will certainly say things like, “He’s no that bad. The looks normal. What room you talk about?”

If he’s may be to do her feeling attracted together he talks to she (e.g by gift confident, making she laugh, flirting with her), she may also then start to prefer his physical appearance.

She could like just how he look at a little bit quirky or nerdy.

She could like the fact that he wears glasses, is bald, or has a little of a monster looking nose.

So, for all the guys out there who price themselves together either being below average looking, typical looking, good looking, or very great looking, if one ugly guy can get himself a pretty girlfriend, you deserve to too.

Come on.

Don’t go with your life reasoning that you’re not good enough because that pretty women.

You are.

You have the right to make pretty females feel attractive to you as you talk to them.

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When you execute that, you simply need to overview the women with the rest of the process to the suggest where you and also her room kissing, having actually sex and beginning a relationship.