This little fella have the right to unlock a civilization of streaming, as lengthy as you include your favorite apps to its house screen.Credit: Neil Godwin / T3 newspaper / Future via Getty Images

Congratulations on to buy a new Apple TV. Maybe it"s her first devoted streaming an equipment or maybe it"s an upgrade of one old one. No matter how or why girlfriend came across Apple"s streaming box, you should know exactly how to acquire all your favorite apps ~ above its home screen.

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Apple TV is compatible with all the hits, such together Netflix, Hulu, and also Prime Video, yet they may not come pre-installed top top the device. You need to do a tiny bit of work on your very own to rotate the apologize TV"s home display into her one-stop shop because that all things streaming. Thankfully, it"s not as well difficult, but if you"re having trouble, we"re here to help.

What carry out I need to do prior to downloading apps?


You shouldn"t need to do much beyond the early stage setup process for the apple TV maker itself in order to download apps. That should encompass things favor making certain the software application is up-to-date and logging right into an apologize account. If, for some reason, friend didn"t perform either the those things, we"ve obtained you covered.

On the software application side, maintaining things to update is quite simple. Apple TV 4K or HD machine owners should go to the setups menu, then hit System, and also from there, hit software Updates to obtain to the food selection for, well, software program updates. Once there, you have the right to toggle automatic updates, i beg your pardon is typically advisable if you"d rather prevent doing this again in the future, however not required. Girlfriend can additionally hit the "Update Software" switch if there"s an update accessible and the machine should take care of the rest.

Owners the the older third-generation to apologize TV (if girlfriend don"t understand which one friend have, Apple"s website has a page for that) can do the same thing, but they should go come the general area of the settings menu instead of System. Otherwise, the process is similar.

The last little bit of housekeeping is come make certain a precious Apple i would is logged right into the apple TV. The majority of streaming apps are complimentary in the app Store, but you might still should be logged in with a legit payment method on file to do the app Store pat nice v you. If you don"t have an to apologize ID, it"s a tiny weird the you gained an apple TV, yet Apple"s assistance website has an easy instructions because that making one.

How come download apps on apple TV


This is the straightforward part, at least comparatively so. There must be an app Store icon on the to apologize TV"s home screen. Walk ahead and navigate to it with the remote and also click top top it.

Obviously, this opens the application Store, where you can search for and download any kind of Apple TV-compatible apps you want to use. Discover the search switch and type out (or voice search) for the app you want to download. Again, every little thing from Netflix to HBO Max have to be on the table here. As soon as you"ve discovered it, walk to its web page on the store and also hit the "Get" button.

If an app has a price provided instead that a "Get" button, that way you have to pay because that it. Whether or no you desire to perform that is her business. If there"s a switch that says "Open" instead of either of those things, that way it"s currently installed come the device. It"s that easy, folks.

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And over there you have actually it. Once you"ve excellent the first-time maker setup because that an to apologize TV, including apps come the an equipment is as straightforward as going come the app Store and also searching because that what you want. Now go out there and binge watch your favorite Netflix reflects with reckless abandon.