This short article will tell you exactly how to accessibility the apple TV app store and also how to download apps ~ above the apple TV. We"ll go over just how to include apps to an apple TV just like on your iPhone or iPad.

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How to find the app Store on her Apple TV & Download to apologize TV Apps

To download an application on apologize TV, you navigate to the application Store, uncover the app you want, and click Download. The record is, if you desire to know exactly how to download apps on apologize TV 3rd generation or older, you"re minimal to pre-installed apps. If you have the apple TV 4K or the apple TV HD (fourth generation), girlfriend have access to the app Store and also can obtain apps native a choice of thousands of free or paid apps, similar to on your iPhone or iPad.

Let"s get started learning exactly how to find and also download apps so friend can acquire the most out of her Apple TV. Whether you"re in search of fitness, sports, games, recipes, or also shopping apps, there"s miscellaneous in the application Store because that you! You"ll require your apple ID because that this process, for this reason if you need to change it, think about doing so prior to you begin.

Where Is the to apologize TV application Store?

To navigate to the application Store on your Apple TV:

Click the Back switch on your Apple TV remote to go to the Home screen (if you"re not already there).

Image from Apple.com Scroll under in her apps till you view the App store icon; click it.  Navigate to the application you great to download (see below).
If you space experiencing issues with your Apple TV remote, inspect out these troubleshooting tips.

No app Store symbol on your Apple TV?

If you view no app Store on her Apple TV, you probably have a third-generation apologize TV or earlier. Over there is no application Store on apologize TV 3rd generation or earlier, therefore the application Store is missing from the residence screen. Us recommend that you try using AirPlay from her iPhone to play content on your Apple TV, bypassing the need to download apps. 

How to Download Apps on one Apple TV

Once you"ve opened up the application Store, you"ll have a couple of different choices for detect an application you"d like to download. If you"ve currently downloaded it, you can check out how to watch your apple purchases.

You"ll watch a food selection bar at the peak of your screen. If you know exactly which app you want, click on the Search icon on the right.

 Once the application comes up in the options, click it. 
 Now you"ll watch an app description and price; if you decide you"d favor to download the app, click on Buy. If the app is free, click Get. You might be inquiry to get in your Apple i would password to finish this process.
 Once the app is downloaded, click Open to open up the app.
 You"ll be able to find her apps, consisting of recent purchase and updates, by clicking the Purchased tab in the top menu of the app Store app. 

How to Find new Apps on an Apple TV 

If you don"t have any details app in mind and would like to explore your options, then:

Click on the Apps tab in the application Store menu and also scroll under to Categories.

 Look through Kids, News, Food & Drink apps, and much more.You can likewise click on the Games or Discover tab to watch the present Top Free and also Top Paid apps available at the moment.


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