Degree CompletedHigh institution Diploma/GEDSome CollegeAssociate DegreeBachelor"s DegreeMaster"s DegreeDoctorate Degree
Program of InterestAll Criminal justice ProgramsCriminal JusticeCyber SecurityEmergency ManagementForensicsHomeland SecurityInternational Relations/Global AffairsLaw & ParalegalLaw EnforcementSocial Work

In bespeak to consider joining the Border Patrol, one applicant need to possess the complying with qualifications:

U.S. Citizenship39 year old or youngerValid driver’s licenseNo front criminal convictionsPossess minimum vision and also hearing functionalityAbility to carry out strenuous physical task

Featured Program: B.S. In landscape Security and also Emergency Management and also M.S. In Criminal Justice: law Enforcement

Featured Program: A.S. In Criminal Justice, B.S. In Criminal justice - Homeland security & Counterterrorism, and M.S. In Criminal justice - advanced Counterterrorism


Education and also Degree choices for Border Patrol Agent project Candidates

Preparation for serving together a Border Patrol agent begins long prior to the applications process. U.S. Customs and Border security does not need that applicants possess a university degree, however it may be important or advisable to have actually an associate’s or bachelor’s in criminal justice to be considered for some of the more difficult or demanding positions. Also for these minimal jobs, over there is no desired college major, yet jobseekers may be required to have actually a 3.0 GPA or higher. Due to the fact that these work may require occupational in intelligence, the united state CBP room seeking applicants who have the intellectual capacity for complex tasks. Among the majors most recommended for regulation enforcement in the Border Patrol are

Military scienceCriminal justiceForensic psychologyPolitical scienceForeign language

Spanish is a need to serve in the Border Patrol, for this reason those applicants already proficient in Spanish have a compete advantage, specifically if they room assigned to the southerly border. Spanish walk not have to be one applicant’s major, together interactions with a wide variety of international nationals is extremely common; demonstrating capability in any foreign language should be adequate to to convince the united state CBP the the applicant has actually the capacity to readily discover to converse in Spanish.

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If the applicant does not possess a college degree, castle may also satisfy the needs for some advanced positions in the Border Patrol by serving in legislation enforcement or the military. In stimulate to join the Border Patrol through a class Level 7 fairly than the common Grade Level 5, an applicant should have had at the very least one year of suffer in law enforcement.

The GL-5 entry level place is also easily accessible to prospective Border Patrol agents without a college level or legislation enforcement experience, however applicants might not be very competitive when in the to run for this in-demand jobs.

Border Patrol Agent application Process

The actual application, examination, interview and training procedure can take from six to eight months, so determination is highly advised.

The procedure begins v an online application that will ask questions around professional history, physical and mental qualifications, and prohibitive factors. The Office of Personnel management will evaluation the responses come the questionnaire and also determine if the applicant is sufficiently qualified to take the created exam.

The composed exam possesses three portions:

Logical reasoningSpanish language proficiencyArtificial language test

The synthetic Language test is mostly for applicants who carry out not speak Spanish; the tests the applicant’s capacity to find out a foreign language.

Upon successful completion that the created test, the applicant will certainly be placed on a waiting list. If a position becomes available the applicant will be contacted, provided a tentative an option package, and also required to interview with the Border Patrol panel. The oral interview is performed by a panel of three Border Patrol agents and will test the applicant’s decision-making, interpersonal skills, and emotional maturity. Prior to the interview, the applicant will certainly be forced to submit to a clinical examination that will incorporate a physics fitness test and a drug test. The applicant’s elevator will additionally be investigated.

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Once approved for energetic duty, the recruit will certainly attend the U.S. Border Patrol Academy for 19 weeks, the longest training regime of any kind of law enforcement agency. This has instruction in physics combat skills, aggressive driving, marksmanship, and also immigration and also nationality law. Because that recruits without Spanish fluency, secondary 200 hrs of Spanish language instruction is additionally required.