1. Till 2013, the papal conclave had actually never favored a pope from external Europe.

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Until 2013, the so-called college of Cardinals never chosen a non-European pope. Italians had been specifically well represented, holding the office there is no interruption indigenous 1523 till Polish-born john Paul II broke the streak in 1978. Although much more than fifty percent of voting cardinals still come native Europe, around 75 percent of the world’s 1.2 exchange rate Catholics live elsewhere. Virtually 500 million room in Latin America alone. In 2013, Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina was chosen to the papacy, ending up being the first pope from the Americas. 


2. The longest papal choice lasted virtually three years.In the 13th century, cardinals meeting in the Italian town of Viterbo —at that time, papal vote took ar where the last pope had actually died—took two years and nine month to pick a follower to Clement IV. Townspeople became so frustrated by the hold-up that they reportedly tore the roof turn off the structure where the cardinals were staying. When Gregory X was lastly selected in 1271, he wanted to avoid anything comparable from continue again. Within a few years, the had developed the conclave, a closed-door summit to it is in convened upon his fatality at i m sorry the cardinals would be locked up together until they elected a new pope. Together a an outcome of the new system’s strict rules, the first conclave lasted just one day. The rules were suspended soon after, however they to be reinstated following an additional protracted election the took ar from April 1292 to July 1294. Because 1831, no conclave has lasted much longer than a week.

3. In 1378, one group of cardinals selected two various popes.

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The papacy resided in Avignon, France, indigenous 1309 until Gregory XI changed it come Rome in 1376. Upon his fatality two year later, upset crowds demanded an Italian successor rather 보다 a French one who might head ago to Avignon. The cardinals acquiesced, choosing Archbishop Bartolomeo Prignano, who became Urban VI. But when the new pope confirmed overly confrontational, calling one cardinal a half-wit and also coming to blows through another, the cardinals asserted the choice invalid. They organized a 2nd conclave 5 months ~ the an initial one, deciding this time roughly on Clement VII. The 2 popes, one in Avignon and one in Rome, both claimed to it is in the true leader the the church, going so far as to excommunicate each other. A council held in Pisa in 1409 sought to leg the divide, yet it only succeeded in including a third pope to the mix. Finally, in ~ the board of directors of Constance in what is currently Germany, all 3 popes either resigned or to be deposed. The western Schism, as this fiasco ended up being known, finished with the choice of martin V in 1417.