Over the year there have actually been many attempts come either change or remove the Electoral College. Over 700 proposals have been propose in congress to make a change. In 1987 a survey of lawyers confirmed that 67% that them supported the removed of the college, if public opinions surveys have displayed that the bulk of American additionally support such a move. Despite this it appears that the majority of political scientists support the continuation of the system.

There room two methods of changing the system. The first a constitution amendment, the 2nd action in ~ a state level. A constitution amendment is watched as impossible to achieve. The would need 3/4 that the claims to grant it and seems i can not qualify in these very partisan time to suppose the needed number of states to approve any change. The alternative change could take location at a state level. That readjust could be excellent in two different ways. The very first would be to stop picking the electors on a winner take every basis. The is the key distortion of the present system. Two states-Maine and Nebraska have actually a modified mechanism in which part of your electors are made decision by congressional districts. To execute this nationwide, would require every one of the states to agree to do the readjust at the same time. Any kind of partial action would help one next or an additional in an election and would be really hard to achieve. Over there does seem to be one viable proposal, and also that is to get states to agree to direct their electors to vote for whoever wins the well-known vote. The setup is dubbed the Electoral college Pact. Currently ten claims plus the ar of Columbia have actually enacted legislation to achieve this. The plan automatically takes result when claims that together stand for 270 electoral votes sign on. In ~ the moment the claims that have actually signed on stand for 165 electoral votes. Until now, only blue states have signed on and also it might take one election where a Republican wins the popular vote and not the electoral vote to happen to gain sufficient support because that the plan, yet this plan seems viable.

Recounts in commonwealth Elections

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