They’re spiky, thick, and also sharp, but you can easily learn just how TO choose A PINEAPPLE because that your salsa or pina colada making use of our couple of simple tricks. It’s just a matter of wanting it beyond its appearance. Now you deserve to buy it there is no cutting it because that a sample come taste!


If there’s one thing I can say around pineapples, they are literally aggressive. I mean, what’s through all those spikes and also sharp leaves??? however I constantly believe in the an excellent old saying no to judge a book by that is cover. Due to the fact that if girlfriend look means past that is appearance, this spikey hipster is brimming with sweet summer sunshine vibes.

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It’s constantly calling her name; wanting your attention and screaming because that you to take it home. However wait…how will certainly you know if it’s great enough for you? will it truly affix with you? Okay…for the record.. I’m still talking around pineapples.

But seriously, just how will you recognize if that pineapple is *THE* pineapple that you want? In today’s post, we’ll it is in sharing part no-brainer advice on how to pick a good pineapple without even slicing it.

When is Pineapple Season?

This pinecone look-a-like, hence the name, is a century-old symbol of hospitality and is aboriginal to southern America. The is the 3rd most well-known tropical fruit in the human being with Hawaii as the leading pineapple producer, until Costa Rica, Brazil, and the Philippines took over that spot through 2016.

While you can absolutely enjoy sweet pineapples every year round, pineapple’s top season typically runs from March up till July.

How to Tell if Pineapple is Ripe?


If you’re in the mood come enjoy and also buy a totality pineapple for yourself, climate ditch all the guesswork, coz today we will certainly be sharing with you some tips on choose a good pineapple. That method you’ll have the ability to pick a ripe pineapple the is perfect sweet, slightly tangy, and also just downright refreshing! now pay attention.

Color is Everything

Like any type of other fruit, the pineapple shade will aid you determine if you’ve choose a great one. Together a general preeminence of thumb, the much more yellow the pineapple’s skin is, the riper the is. However you don’t want it to be on the dark orange next – no we don’t desire that. Because that would show that it’s overripe and gone too far.

Look because that those ones the are golden yellow from optimal to bottom. Also with some yellow tint and green in other places isn’t a poor thing at all.

But one interesting thing you need to know though around pineapple is the it doesn’t ripen lot once the is plucked out from its tree. And with that, those greener, less-ripe persons you view at the grocery store store, well, dislike to break it come you friend, however it won’t ripen in ~ all.

Check the end the Leaves

Let’s speak a bit certain this time, shall we? The leaves. Well, exactly how should pineapple pipeline look like as soon as it’s good? First, a an excellent pineapple have to have vibrant green leaves. Now take a closer look at its frond or that one close to the center of the crown. Tenderness tug it, and if the frond gently comes the end without resisting, climate you’re great to go. However if that won’t release and keeps intact, then it isn’t the right one because that you.


Feel it choose You mean It

Forget the spikes, coz you’re intended to carry out this anyway, one way or the other. Sorry, we can’t perform anything around that. However grab the pineapple and also feel it v your bare hands. It need to be firm, but yield contempt to a squeeze. A rock-hard or soft pineapple isn’t the one we’re spring for.

And like numerous fruits, load is additionally a an excellent indicator when choosing the right pineapple. The more heavier it is, the higher the water content, which means it is packed v fresh juicy flesh. Double YUM!

Give it a an excellent Sniff

Are friend a great sniffer? I’m proud to say that ns am! Woohoo!! Now organize on come that special skill. To spot a perfect pineapple, give the bottom the the fruit a good sniff.

If the smells sweet, fresh, bright, and fruity, climate you’re great to go. However, if the starts to have actually a solid sweet funky vinegary smell, then the pineapple is the end of the topic.


How to save a Pineapple

Congratulations on making that this far!

now that you have learned few of the basic ways to choose a good pineapple, head over to the grocery store and put it to practice.

Once you’ve picked THE one for you, girlfriend can immediately peel and also slice them ideal away (check mine How to reduced a Pineapple guide) or save them in the meantime. 

Take note that fresh pineapples are rather perishable regardless of their greatly armored skin. You deserve to store them despite at room temperature for as much as 2 days. Or you deserve to tightly pave them up in a plastic pave or bag and also store lock in the refrigerator for up to 3-5 days to extend their lifespan.

Trimmed and cut pineapples, top top the other hand, needs to be stored in airtight plastic containers, refrigerated, and also consumed in ~ 5-7 days.

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Pro Tip: allow the refrigerated pineapple pertained to room temperature prior to eating them to improve flavor. 

Ways to gain Ripe Pineapple

Enjoying pineapples is just one that my personal favorite summer quirks. I gain making them as juices, desserts and adding to part savory dishes because that a touch that a dry twist. Right here are simply a couple of of the countless ways you deserve to enjoy this summery golden fruit.