There space a most reasons you can be thinking about deleting your facebook account -- possibly you think you invest too much time top top it and want to take it a social media cleanse, or probably you and your friends have currently stopped utilizing it, therefore there’s no factor to store it around.

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It’s crucial to know deleting your facebook account is different from deactivating your account -- once deleted, it can never be recovered.


Which means, if you’re intent on getting rid of her account for temporary detox purposes, you could want to consider different methods come detoxing from society media without deleting anything.

But if you’re sure you’re ready to leaving the world’s most famous social media network, that a straightforward process.

Keep in mind, if girlfriend delete her Facebook, your photos and also all your Facebook info will be lost forever. If you want to conserve that information, I’d suggest downloading and install a copy the it.

To download a copy of every your facebook information, walk to “Settings” and also click, “Download a copy the your on facebook data,” and also then, “Start mine Archive.”


This will ensure you can still uncover all those awkward middle school photos, years down the road.

To find out how to delete or deactivate your facebook account, or delete a team or web page you’ve created, check out on.

How to Delete or Deactivate Your facebook Account

How to Delete Facebook

Go to “delete mine account”Do no log back into Facebook and wait 14 days because that the deletion inquiry to complete

Once you’re sure you’re ready to delete your facebook account permanantly, click this link. As soon as you click the link, this message will popular music up:


All you must do is click “Delete my Account.”

Facebook note it take away a few days to complete deletion after you inquiry it, and also if girlfriend log earlier into Facebook throughout that time, you’ll cancel the deletion request.

Remember, if friend think yes a possibility you’ll want to reopen your facebook account in the future, you could want come deactivate it rather of deleting it. If you deactivate her account, Facebook saves all her information, photos, and also settings, and also you can reactivate at any type of time. In the meantime, your profile will simply be hidden.

How come Deactivate Facebook

Click “Settings”Under general Account Settings, click “Manage Account”Click “Deactivate Account”Enter facebook password come continueChoose a “reason because that leaving” multiple-choice bubble, then click “Deactivate”

How come Delete Your facebook Group

We’ve covered how to delete your account, however let’s to speak you don’t want to delete your totality account -- you just want to delete a team you created.

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Note: if girlfriend didn’t develop the group but you’re one admin, you have the right to only delete the team if the original creator leaves it.

How come delete a facebook Group

Go come the group you want to delete and also click “Members”Beside every person, select “Remove native Group”Once you eliminate everyone else, choose “Leave Group” beside your nameClick “Leave and also Delete”

1. Go to the group you want to delete, and click “Members.” Click alongside each person’s name, and select “Remove native Group.”