A cervical fracture close to the base of the skull can result in a fatality. A broken neck is just one of the most usual fatal injuries led to by vehicle accidents. Medical professionals refer come this specific type of cervical, or neck, fracture together a “hangman’s fracture.”

Clinically, a hangman’s fracture is a hyperextension injury. Once hanging is supplied as a form of punishment, the hangman strategically areas the node under the chin the the victim so the the pressures of the autumn pull the body down while the node holds the jawbone in place. Thus, the skeleton of the neck get stretched and pulled apart and also damage or sever the spinal cord. The broken bones of the neck carry out not cause death. Instead, the concurrent damages to the spinal cord will reason death.

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Not every damaged neck is fatal. However, a damaged neck is a catastrophic injury. Doctors see cervical fractures in swimming pool diving crashes when the patience strikes his or her head ~ above the swimming pool floor, causing the head and also neck to walk backward with good force. The forces propelling the head and neck backward result in a cervical fracture.

One famous skilled actor suffered a loss that broke his neck. His broken neck calculation him a quadriplegic. The man lost the capability to move all limbs and also body parts below the heat of the injury. Thus, the man could not move anything voluntarily, and the just bodily functions he had were over the level of his injury and also those that happen involuntarily, such as his breathing and heartbeat. However, the guy survived the damaged neck due to the fact that the damage did no sever the spinal column completely. Ultimately, the actor died as a result of complications due to his i can not qualify to move and not indigenous a broken neck, per se.

Physicians brand a hangman’s fracture based upon the level of severity. Prior to describing the level of seriousness, it help to recognize that the cervical spine includes seven vertebrae and each vertebra in the cervical spine is designated C-1 to C-7. A kind I hangman’s fracture wake up in 65% of all cervical fracture cases. A type I cervical fracture is a hairline fracture that does no disturb the vertebrae in ~ the C-2 or C-3 levels. A type I cervical fracture is stable and does not an outcome in ns of mobility. The pain can not it is in debilitating. Accident victims have been known to walk roughly with a kind I cervical fracture, all the while reasoning that the or she has whiplash. A form I fracture go not have neurological side effects because the injury go not cause a narrowing that the spinal column.

Only upon radiographic examination through an X-ray, CT-scan, or MRI, deserve to a doctor diagnose a cervical fracture. Surgery might be compelled to repair this injury if the bone is displaced. Surgery might not be suggested if the bone is not displaced.

A type II cervical fracture is a significant neck injury. This injury wake up in approximately 28% of all cervical fractures. A dislocated vertebra at C-2 dislodged or ruptured disc in ~ C-2 and C-3, ligament damage, and a compression fracture in ~ C-3 suggest a type II cervical fracture. Surgical procedure will most likely be required to fix this injury, and also the patient can suffer part neurological deficit if the break hurt the spinal cord.

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Finally, a form III cervical fracture is likely fatal, or if not, is a catastrophic injury that has severe neurological implications. A form III cervical fracture is present in about 7% percent of every cases. A form III cervical fracture is deadly or can reason paralysis since the skeletal break and dislocate, putting push on the spinal cord.

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