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Former president Donald Trump has actually a huge and fiercely loyal following of supporters, and now he"s provided them a means to request a personalized message.

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Trump"s post-presidential website has actually a section where supporters can request a message from the ex-president and also former an initial lady Melania Trump because that a "special occasion."

It"s not unusual for a previous president to give human being a method to reach, and also you can request a personalized memento from former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and also Bill Clinton.

Requesting a message from the Trumps is reasonably easy and can be submitted electronically straight from his website. The form asks around the occasion, details on the recipient and requestor and also any added details the former president must know.

Receiving a post from trumped isn"t guaranteed, though, and also requires planning due to the fact that it deserve to take up to 6 weeks to obtain a greeting. The office won"t administer status updates, either, and advises world to not resubmit a request due to the fact that a duplicate request will supersede the original submission and hold-up processing.


President Donald Trump speaks at the procedure Warp speed Vaccine Summit ~ above December 8, 2020.Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images"President and Mrs. Trump continue to enjoy support and encouragement native the American people and have got thousands the requests for greetings, and also they room honored to send their finest wishes come those celebrate milestone occasions," Jason Miller, a an elderly adviser to the previous president, told "The office that Donald J. Trump card will occupational to ensure requests space handled as quickly as possible."

Record high number of human being turned out in last November"s election, and although he shed to Joe Biden, Trump obtained the many votes of any Republican presidential candidate in history. That hasn"t ruled the end making an additional bid because that the presidency in 2024, and a majority of his supporters room willing to ago him as the Republican nominee.

Six in 10 Republicans said that the election was "stolen" native the former president and also that he should run again in 2024, follow to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Monday.

Requesting a personalized article from trump card is complimentary and can be geared towards a variety of occasions, consisting of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and also births. It"s also possible to request a letter from him because that a armed forces retirement.

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Trump"s greeting section carefully resembles the one top top Obama"s website. Clinton and also Bush"s sites additionally have an choice for world to request a greeting, yet it"s just for armed forces retirements. Clinton"s and also Bush"s army retirement letter are restricted to those who have actually at least two decades of service, and Trump"s are intended for those with 30 year of service. Obama"s website doesn"t indicate a minimum company requirement.