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In instance you let go it, Amazon prime Day is draw close quickly. We’ve formerly dug right into the best cards for Amazon purchases, consisting of cards the earn approximately 5% cash back from the online retail giant. However, if you’re willing to take an extra step before making your Amazon purchases, you can walk away through up to 5x points per dollar or an reliable 10% return.

The an enig to earning the many points top top Amazon purchases is utilizing gift cards. While very few credit cards offer Amazon as a bonus spend category, there are a decent amount of products that sell high category spend bonuses at locations that sell Amazon gift cards, such together grocery stores, gas stations and also office supply stores. These varieties of merchants also happen come bewhere credit transaction cards target their group spend bonuses.

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Earning as much as 5x clues on Amazon purchases

One that the ideal cards for purchasing gift cards is theInk company Cash credit Card. Top top the surface, the map earns 5% cash earlier at office supply stores on the an initial $25,000 in spend each account year. However, the return jumps come 10% when it’s paired v a follow Sapphire wanted Card or follow Sapphire to make reservation card because cash ago could climate be convert tofull-fledged transferable can be fried Rewards points, which are worth 2 cents each follow toTPG valuations.You might buy an Amazon gift map at Staples or Office Max, which would earn you 5x points every dollar or an effective 10% back, and then use that gift card favor cash at Amazon.


If it’s American Express membership Rewards clues you’re after, or you aren’t eligible for a company credit card, you can want to consider theAmerican Express® gold Card. It supplies 4x member Rewards at U.S. Supermarkets, approximately $25,000 per calendar year (then 1x). 4 points per dollar way an efficient 8% return top top spending due to the fact that TPG worths Amex points in ~ 2 cent apiece.

Alternatively, theAmex EveryDay® wanted Card indigenous American Express can be a an excellent option too because it earns 3x points on as much as $6,000 every calendar year in united state supermarkets, then 1x thereafter. What makes this map stand out is that it provides a 50% point bonus if you usage it much more than 30 time in one month. That way you might be earning as numerous as 4.5 points every dollar spent at grocery stores, a 9% return.

There’s also the no-annual-fee Chase liberty Flex, which supplies 5% back, or 5x points as soon as paired with an ultimate Rewards earning card, top top rotating categories for up to $1,500 in purchases every quarter, girlfriend activate. The map is offering a $200 bonus after spending $500 on purchase in the first three month of account opening.

The information for the Amex EveryDay preferred has been built up independently by The points Guy. The card details on this page have actually not to be reviewed or detailed by the map issuer.

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Something to store in mind

There space a lot of alternatives when it pertains to maximizing your Amazon gift card purchases. However, there’s one vital caveat to keep in mind. Although all of the cards mentioned offer some type of purchase protection, the coverages perform not apply when purchasing an object with a gift card instead of a credit transaction card, so you may want to protect against doing therefore on significant purchases. It most likely goes there is no saying the you likewise can’t return gift cards, however this shouldn’t be much of an issue if you order indigenous Amazon commonly anyway. Plus, you have the right to use her Amazon gift cards come buy gift cards at many other third-party retailers prefer Starbucks, Southwest airlines or Airbnb.

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Bottom line

A little time and effort deserve to really walk a long way. An reliable 10% return onAmazon to buy is as great as the gets, despite it’s essential not come forget the trade-off in between earning points and also getting purchase protections either.