The warm mix of cheese and marinara,the feeling of a smile developing on your face.

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Consumers in the U.S. Invest a most dough ~ above pizza — roughly 14 exchange rate U.S. Dollars in 2020. That’s a lot of (and the highest possible figure because 2007). There is nothing quite prefer a slice of pie, but there space a couple of things that we might argue space even better — like if it was free.

People have a tendency to choose things that room free. In a 2007 study, duke Professor Dan Ariely surveyed 398 MIT students, measuring your reaction to two different types of chocolate: Hershey’s and Lindt. When Lindt is notably an ext expensive and also perceived as higher quality, when offered the choice between complimentary Hershey’s chocolate and discounted Lindt chocolate, the majority of college student opted for the cost-free chocolate.

If world had the choice between complimentary average pizza and also discounted specialty pizza, opportunities are they’d take it the free — due to the fact that nothing beats free, and all pizza is an excellent pizza, according to some.

Every day, people devour pizza no matter what the format is — Chicago, new York, also Detroit — and they discover a means of getting it because that free.

So, aside from participating in a less-than-likely research study experiment, what other ways have the right to you gain a complimentary pizza deal?

Ways to Get cost-free Pizza – Ethically

While it may not seem easy at first, getting cost-free pizza is actually less complicated than girlfriend think. The saying “patience is a virtue” applies to cost-free pizza together well. Don’t intend to obtain your hands on a cost-free slice immediately. The great thing is, we’ve excellent a lot of research because that you!

First things very first — let’s specify the concept of complimentary food. There is a well line in between ethically getting totally free pizza, and also lying and/or thefts pizza. Below are some methods that you have the right to get totally free pizza while additionally not break the law.

1. Join pizza reward programs.

Nearly every large nationwide pizza chain restaurant has actually a rewards regime where certain qualifying events (like purchases and also sometimes birthdays) include up clues to enable you come get complimentary pizza. Simply put, the much more pizza eat, the more complimentary pizza you have the right to get. It’s almost like obtaining a complimentary gift card for pizza.

Often seen as the finest pizza rewards program, Domino’s item of the Pie Rewards is simple: for every phone, domino’s app, or virtual order you ar using your rewards account, you acquire 10 points in ~ checkout. As soon as you obtain 60 points, you obtain a cost-free order of domino pizza. (Extra toppings, deep-dish and also gluten complimentary crusts may price extra.)

Even better? If friend forgot to sign up but have ordered within the previous 30 days, you deserve to still acquire your points and a totally free Domino’s pizza.


Domino’s item of the Pie Rewards Program. Resource =

Pizza Hut’s Hut Rewards program gives pizza-eaters 2 points for every $1 spent. Those points deserve to go towards breadsticks and also pizza. For example, breadsticks are 75 points. You’ll also get a special surprise on your birthday and also on details game days.


Pizza Hut’s Hut Rewards Program

Papa John’s Papa Rewards program offers you 1 suggest per $1 spent. Because that every 75 points earned, you gain $10 “Papa Dough” towards a distribution area or takeout order. Papa Johns likewise promises “exclusive surprises and special pizza deals” to Papa Rewards members. What the means, we’re no sure.


Papa John’s Papa Rewards Program

California Pizza Kitchen has actually a complex, but awesome rewards program that gives you 1 suggest per $1 spent. Relying on the amount of points friend have, girlfriend are provided a limited-time tier: Palm, VIP, Diamond, and also Elite. Each tier has various awards – but all tiers get a cost-free birthday dessert (or entree) and a complimentary small plate for 24 hours after you authorize up.


California Pizza Kitchen’s Rewards Program

For those of girlfriend who gain buffet-style pizza varying from pepperoni come pineapple to dessert variants, standard Cici’s Pizza has actually a rewards regimen that can not be beat. Because that every five visits v a acquisition of $7 or more, you knife a cost-free adult buffet or carryout pizza. You’ll need to download the Cici’s app to begin earning cost-free pizza.


Cici’s Pizza Rewards Program

Always a food-court classic, Sbarro is doling out cost-free pizza with it’s Slice culture program. “A pizza party because that parties who love pizza”, the email-based program provides you totally free birthday pizza, a complimentary XL NY slice through the purchase of a beverage in ~ 24 hours of joining, and also other coupons. This one’s a great one!


Sbarro loyalty Program

Since being got by Chuck-e-Cheese, Peter Piper Pizza introduced Club Piper, whereby shoppers can gain “exclusive coupons, offers, and incentives.” A tad mysterious, but it could be good!

Hungry Howie’s rewards regime seems good as well. As soon as you do qualifying purchases, girlfriend accumulate Howie Points™ that deserve to be redeemed because that rewards like food selection items.


Hungry Howie’s Rewards Program

A lot of these rewards programs are simple to accessibility both online and through the pizza store’s app. Some, like California Pizza Kitchen, give you a physical card to carry around in your wallet for extra bragging points.

2. Sign up for email rewards.

Would you profession your email for a complimentary pizza? opportunities are, yes. Because pizza shops want to be able to send you emails and also market come you, regularly times they will certainly incentivize you by providing you free rewards after your submit your email for newsletters.

Papa Murphy’s doesn’t have a commitment program, but if you sign up for your email and text offers, you’ll get 25% turn off your next order. Not quite free, yet close!


Sign up because that 25% turn off your following Papa Murphy’s pizza order. 

Marco’s Pizza has a newsletter wherein you have the right to sign up for deals — no guarantees of any complimentary pizza, yet you never know!

Mellow Mushroom boasts exclusive offers for people who download their app and also sign up for emails.

3. Walk to regional events and Meetup groups.

What’s simple to order, reasonably cheap, and also easy to feeding a crowd? Pizza. The a tried-and-true favourite featured at institution gatherings, swimming pool parties, Superbowl celebrations, and now — meetups.

If you occupational in an market that frequently hosts events around town, think about signing up so you have the right to network through others and score some cost-free pizza.

If you’re a hobbyist, take into consideration joining a consistent meetup group to meet new friends.

A an excellent way to discover meetups is v social media, favor Facebook and also Twitter, and also through occasion websites favor Meetup and Eventbrite.


Meetup example that may or may not come with totally free pizza.

4. Suggest that your firm should buy the office pizza.

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely recently conducted a survey amongst factory workers. The workers were promised one of three rewards if they had actually a abundant workweek: pizza, compliments, or a cash bonus of about $30. Those that were promised pizza to be the many productive.

What does this mean? Pizza is better than cash and also compliments, in some circumstances.

If you work on a team that can use a workshop or team-building event, take into consideration asking because that a an easy stipend from your agency to pay for a pizza party. Not only will you end up through some free pizza – you’ll also have an possibility to mingle through your coworkers and establish a reputation together someone who is interested in occurring their team.

How not To Get totally free Pizza

No one likes a theif or a cheater. Over there is nothing in life — consisting of pizza — that is worth risking her reputation or character for. You’d have to be totally desperate come attempt any type of of the below ideas for acquiring pizza — and also you’d much better be ready to confront the potential moral and legal consequences. We do not recommend these methods!

1. Lying about your order gift wrong.

It take away time and also money to create a pizza. If friend pretend favor your pizza stimulate is dorn to acquire a new pizza, you are wasting the time of the chef who is make the pie — not to mention, she technically stealing indigenous the firm as they were able to finish your order correctly the very first time.

Don’t do this.

2. Finding relief in prize apps.

It seems as though there are much more and more hackers diving right into our an individual data. Practically any website, online ordering system, or application can be “hacked”, with the right resources or within man.

Finding a coupon or promo code for a pizza digital is easy and also moral, however anything past that is slightly or completely immoral.

For instance — once Dominos ran your limited-time Points because that Pies promotion in early on 2019, users can upload a photo of any type of pizza to knife points in the direction of a totally free pizza. The on purpose behind the promotion was to get civilization to order an ext pizza, yet people found a hack: you might upload ANY picture of a small, medium, or large pizza — also from the web — to acquire rewards. Uh oh.


Almost anyone loves pizza, and everyone loves free stuff (especially once it is delivered right to her door), so free pizza is a important culinary match. If pizza is among the most affordable meals around due to the low cost of ingredients, the is even much better if you acquire it for free.

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Finding means to get free pizza may come through some additional great side effects, like structure morale in your company, or finding a smaller local pizza shop to offer your company to.