Plastic surgery measures gone dorn is the an easy premise for the reality collection Botched, but there's far much more to the display than gaining to check out the before and also after pictures. Every season, medical professionals Terry Dubrow and also Paul Nassif are challenged with increasingly tough situations to aid people complement their expectation to what is feasible when it concerns surgical operations. 

While part patients top top the present are willing to do anything just to look much more normal again, others live in a fantasy human being where castle think they deserve to compromise their health and wellness in order to accomplish a particular look.

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Merging expectation through reality is one of the many tasks at your disposal for Drs. Dubrow and Nassif, and the surgeons frequently have to offer as counselors of kinds for their patients. 


While the patient who appear on Botched space airing the end the periodically unflattering details of their messed increase procedures, there's a perk come going under the knife ~ above the show.

The Botched doctors spoke specifically with around the casting process for the show, including how it has changed since it debuted in 2014, and what patients acquire for going on. 

Many an easy plastic surgery measures can set someone back at least a couple of thousand dollars (and an ext reputable surgeons price more). Cosmetic operations often aren't spanned by clinical insurance either, so patients typically have come dip into their own pockets to get work done.

For human being whose plastic surgery steps didn't go according to plan, they end up paying multiple times for operations to fix the damages done. 

If you've ever before wondered why Botched patients would certainly go on national television come showcase their bad plastic surgery prior to they gain it fixed, there are perks. 

Dr. Dubrow specifically told the he will ask several of his patients that go to his constant practice if they would certainly be willing to show their trip on Botched. Because many instances featured ~ above the show — specifically on part 2 of Season 6 — will require multiple surgeries, he claimed that this can aid these patients manage the cost. 


"The patients on Botched get an appearance fee and also their prices are taken on by the show," the told "The difference in between Season 6 and also the other seasons is it took me much more than one surgical procedure on numerous of the patient to acquire them fixed. In fact, they to be so difficult and high risk, that ns actually had actually to do them worse prior to I could make castle better. That journey sometimes requirements two or three more surgeries. We display that this season."

Dr. Dubrow likewise explained that plenty of patients (and viewers) don't necessarily mean that once it concerns surgery.

"If friend think about surgery in general, you understand that if a patient comes in to have a an illness removed from their body, that you deserve to remove it, send them come the hospital, and they deserve to get really sick prior to they obtain better. That's understood, or even expected." 

But, the continued, that's also the instance for countless patients that are getting plastic surgery fixed.

"We warning the patient on Botched very carefully and say, 'I may send you down a road that will botch you, however in order to acquire you un-botched, i may have to make you worse before I deserve to make girlfriend better,'" Dr. Dubrow said.  

Of course, this is standard exercise for the Botched surgeons.

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"Our bread and butter is acquisition someone who is possibly unrealistic or someone that we recognize can gain some improvement, and also bringing their expectations down to normalcy," Dr. Nassif said.