If you to be a fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you may have dreamed that a home decorated by Chip and Joanna Gaines. Every you essential to do was agree to Fixer Upper‘s terms, noted on the show’s production firm website. Below, check out the most surprising guidelines for getting actors on Fixer Upper, including one inexplicable financial dominance (on page 10).

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1. You had to be ‘outgoing, energetic, and fun’


Your personality had actually to complement Chip and also Joanna’s. | HGTV.com

High Noon Entertainment’s spreading call states potential Fixer Upper stars should be “outgoing, energetic, and also fun!” (Or at the very least able come seem that method on camera!) The most fun homeowners on Fixer Upper space those who keep up with Chip and Joanna, including Chip’s notorious sense the humor. If the sounds favor you, you can be a good fit for the show!

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2. You had to ‘be in need of experienced design and construction help’


You should be prepared to let who else take care of design and also construction. | HGTV.com

The Fixer Upper spreading call defines that default homebuyers need to “be in require of experienced design and also construction assist for your new fixer top home.” Translation? If you’re already large into internal design and home renovations, this isn’t because that you. One of the big secrets behind Fixer Upper: Chip, Joanna, and also their crew are in fee of the renovation. They’ll do their ideal to style a house you and your family will love. Yet ultimately, you should relinquish manage of the project if you want to be on the show.

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3. Friend wouldn’t gain to keep the residence decor


Chip and also Joanna will need to make some selections without you. | HGTV.com

Nearly all of the furniture and decor will be removed as soon as you move into your new home. Joanna stages many of it, v the one exception being tradition pieces she’s made particularly for your family members (like a monogrammed, rustic sign). Friend will have the option to acquisition a the majority of the staged items, but considering your spent budget, this likely won’t gain you most of the piece you love.

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4. You had actually to be at least 21 year old


You need to be at least 21 to answer the ‘Fixer Upper’ spreading call. | HGTV.com

For most Fixer Upper fans, this rule is no problem. Our apologies to precocious youngsters who have saved up their money and also want come buy their an initial house in the Waco area, but Chip and Joanna can’t assist you out till you’re legal. We have a feeling that this is a quite standard ascendancy in display business, therefore you might need come bide your time if you’re intent on having your minute in the HGTV spotlight.

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5. You had to answer detailed questions about the house


Producers desire to hear all the details about your house. | HGTV.com

When girlfriend fill the end the application for Fixer Upper, you’ll have to answer a the majority of questions about the house you’re purchasing. (If you just want to move to Waco and haven’t cleared up on a particular house, you’re turn off the hook — at least for now.) You’ll have to give an easy information, favor the square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However you’ll likewise have to define the layout of the home, research parking restrictions, explain any kind of structural issues, and find the end if your neighborhood association needs extra approval.

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6. You had actually to specify if noþeles is off-limits

When Chip and Joanna setup a renovation, they often knock under walls and make other significant changes to homes. The spreading call asks homebuyers interested in appearing on Fixer Upper to specify if there’s noþeles off-limits in the home. Don’t want Chip and also Jo to tear down walls, rewire the home, tear out the carpeting, or make major changes to the exterior? then let the producers know. (And save your fingers crossed the doesn’t work against you when they actors people because that the show.)

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7. You had actually to go on a fictional home hunt v Chip and also Joanna

The spreading call’s questions confirm a an essential detail about Fixer Upper: Those house-hunting scene at the start of each episode are absolutely staged. The producers want to know all around the home you’re to buy or you’ve already purchased. To show up on the show, friend must offer up her fantasy of getting Chip and Joanna’s help choosing a house. In fact, previous participants report you have actually to currently be under contract to show up on the show.

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8. You had to answer in-depth questions about your family

The spreading call also asks part pretty specific questions around your family. You need to tell producers about who will certainly live in the home and the periods of your children. They desire to know around your family’s hobbies and also activities. The producers ask whether you have actually pets, and they want to understand your occupation and why you’re moving to the area. Plus, they ask around the community and kind of home you’re relocating from and also even questioning if there’s a time-sensitive factor why you chose to move.

9. You had actually to buy a house within a 40-mile radius that Waco

Anybody who’s watched an ext than a couple of episodes of Fixer Upper has probably noticed Chip and Joanna don’t stray too far from Waco, Texas. So, if you want to get cast, you have to buy, or plan to buy, a residence within a 40-mile radius of the city, according to High Noon Entertainment’s casting call. Fortunately, there room plenty of neighborhoods and suburbs to pick among. So if you favor the area, you’ll likely uncover a neighborhood that’s ideal for you.

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10. You had actually to invest at least $30,000 on the renovation

Here come the ache part: To be eligible to appear on Fixer Upper, you must have at the very least $30,000 to spend on the remodeling in enhancement to the price of buying your new home. The casting call also specifies her “financial contribution have to be proportional come the lot of renovations your new home will need.” The upshot? If girlfriend buy a substantial old house that demands a the majority of work, also $30,000 may not reduced it.

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11. You likewise needed come share picture of the home

The producers likewise want come see lots of photos that the house you’re purchase or thinking about purchasing. They particularly want to watch photos the the kitchen and living room. And also they also request image of the household room, bathrooms, backyard, and front that the house. Interesting way enough, lock don’t especially ask for photos any bedrooms. Since they don’t always renovate all the rooms in a house, the bedrooms sometimes acquire left out of the show.

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12. You had actually to think carefully about what friend dislike about the home

Once you select a home, the producers want to understand all around what girlfriend like and dislike about it. The spreading call asks whether the backyard needs any improvements or presents any kind of problems Chip and Joanna must solve. Producers want to know about problems through the home’s curb appeal. They ask, again, about the style of the house. Then, they likewise ask applicants to describe their dream home and explain just how the home they’re purchasing could end up being their dream home. The producer add, “Please be descriptive (feel totally free to send tear sheets of points you’ve dreamt of because that the space).”

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13. You had actually to describe your architecture style

One the Joanna’s biggest obstacles on the display is to architecture a residence that mirrors the format of both members of a couple. Therefore the producers shot to get on that job from the beginning. Once you price the casting call, you’ll require to define your design style and elaborate if your partner’s style is various from yours. Of course, the producers likewise want to understand what girlfriend dislike in the style of a home. (Our advice? try not to cite of the impractical points Joanna put in every Fixer Upper house.)

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14. You had actually to re-publishing photos of yourself and also your family

The casting call likewise asks Fixer Upper applicants to upload picture of themselves and also their family. This is probably as good a time as any type of to think about what’s likely to happen if girlfriend get cast on Fixer Upper and also your residence is featured ~ above the show. The Gaines family members has many fans, for this reason your residence may come to be an attraction for curious passersby. Part Fixer Upper master have also opted to rent the end their homes, or sell them altogether, because they didn’t like all the attention.

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15. You really had actually to pitch her family’s story

Think the a cool house is sufficient to acquire you on Fixer Upper? Think again. Spreading gets competitive because that this HGTV hit. Therefore you’ll have to be strategic around how friend fill the end the spreading call. The record asks applicants, “Hundreds of people will be using to Fixer Upper. Why should we pick your family/your home? What provides your family unique?” Producers also want come know, “If you are chosen for Fixer Upper and also we aid you rotate your instance into the right residence that’s in the right location, what would this average to you and your family?” You’ll most likely need to think long and also hard about how come answer those questions.

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