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Google Maps is a an excellent tool, however there"s an dreadful lot more to the company than simply finding your method around. Even if it is you"re trying to find the best method to gain home ~ work, detect a good restaurant come grab some grub, or functioning out as soon as it"s the finest time to walk to the supermarket, Google Maps has your back.

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But v so much on offer, it"s straightforward to miss some of the really beneficial features. So here are 22 of the best Google Maps advice to shot out.

Find the nearest COVID vaccination and also testing site

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If girlfriend still haven"t managed to acquire a COVID-19 vaccine, or you have symptoms and also need a test, Google Maps can show you exactly where you must go. Simply search for "covid vaccine" or "covid test" plus your location, and also Google Maps will certainly highlight relevant spots in your vicinity.

Results for both will show you whether you require an meeting or a referral, i beg your pardon patients room actually standard to show up, and also even if there"s a drive-thru option.

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The pandemic method curbside pickup is now much more prevalent than ever before before, and Google Maps has included features to aid you take benefit of that where it"s available.

Curbside pickup information has been rolling out on Maps" business profiles, and includes every you need to know around minimum orders, shipment windows, and other fees that are involved. Maps can additionally tell you as soon as it"s time to leave, and forwards your ETA come the save so your order is prepared as soon as friend arrive.

Initially minimal to Fred Meyers" stores in Portland, Oregon, Google is currently rolling the end the attribute elsewhere. It"s not obtainable at Kroger household stores, consisting of Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs and Marianos in over 2,000 locations across 30 various states

Add music to your drive

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If you’re utilizing Google Maps when driving, you have the right to sync it with YouTube Music, Spotify and also (on iOS) to apologize Music, so you can manage your melody from in ~ the Maps application itself.

Just head to the setups menu and hit “navigation controls.” iOS users will then have to hit “Music playback controls” while Android individuals will view “Show Media playback controls.”

Switch the on and a pop-up menu will show up with a list of compatible apps you have actually installed. Follow the setup indict to connect your accounts. Every time you walk for a journey you"ll view a balloon in ~ the side of the display that offers you access to those controls.

Go incognito

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If you need to go off the grid, or at least don"t want Google Maps remembering whereby you"ve been, make sure to put yourself in Incognito Mode before you set off. That way, no document of your journey will be retained in the Maps app.

Simply tap your profile photo in the top right edge of the screen, hit Incognito Mode, and you"re great to go. Need to you ever want Google Maps to start maintaining tabs again, you have the right to switch it turn off by doing the very same steps and hitting "Turn turn off Incognito Mode."

Measure distance

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Google Maps will constantly tell you exactly how long a particular route is, however you can additionally plot the end your own custom routes and see exactly how much you"re going come go. It"s pretty basic too, nevertheless of whether you use desktop computer or mobile.

On desktop, simply right-click on a spot and click “Measure distance” to set your start point. Every time you click in subsequent locations, Google will certainly plot a directly line and also tell friend how much that distance is. The complete is displayed at the bottom of her screen.

Mobile functions in a comparable way, except beginning off calls for you to tap and also hold come drop a pen on the screen. From over there you swipe increase to lug up the pertinent menu, and extra spots have the right to be included using the "+" button. Mobile users will likewise only have the ability to see the total distance, and also not separation, personal, instance distances in between two points.

Customize her vehicle

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You don’t have to be stuck with the default blue arrow. Comparable (but not as nice) as Waze, Google Maps will certainly let you adjust it to among three vehicles: a red car, green pickup truck, or a yellow SUV. Simply collection yourself up with a path to navigate and tap the arrow (or dot) that represents you. Nice and also easy.

Time travel

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Desktop users don"t need to live with the current, many up to date Street check out imagery. They deserve to "time travel" so to speak, and also check the end what a details location looked choose at different points in time. Or for as lengthy as Google has actually been collecting Street watch data, anyway.

Simply traction the little yellow number from the bottom right edge to enter Street View, and also in the height left you’ll view a black box with a drop down food selection next come a tiny clock. Clicking it bring up a scroll bar that allows you go earlier and see precisely how an area looked on vault Google van visits.

Go hands-free with Google Assistant

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Google maps obviously has actually pretty nearby ties with Google Assistant, which have the right to be invaluable if you"re driving. So don"t forget nearly anything Maps can do is obtainable hands-free v a straightforward "Hey Google" command. At the very least it is ~ above Android.

iOS individuals will have to go through an extra step, which involves tapping the microphone in the optimal right corner of the screen. This likewise works for Android customers who don"t have Assistant switched on.

So whether it"s asking Google to uncover you a gas station, tell you when your next turn is, or control your music playback, it can all be done without acquisition your fist off the road.

Advanced one-handed gestures

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You don"t require two totally free hands to enjoy some the Google Maps" countless gesture controls. In truth it"s been designed to let you carry out it one-handed, while your various other hand is preserved on the wheel. Those gestures include:

Zooming in by double tapping and holding her finger versus the screen. You have the right to then zoom in and out by swiping up and down.

Change map orientation is another huge one, which involves pressing her finger and thumb versus the screen and also spinning castle in a circular motion.

Change perspective by swiping 2 fingers top top the screen. Swiping up offers a bird"s-eye check out of the area, if swiping down takes you back to the classic top-down perspective.

Avoid crowds

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No one likes a crowd, and also Google Maps can aid you prevent them once you"re the end running errands. Discover a location, any location, in Google Maps and also it will certainly tell friend the best and worst time to visit. It even shows you about how busy it is at that exact allude in time.

Google is also collection to increase this feature closer to the holidays, letting girlfriend see just how busy any particular area or neighbourhood is indigenous the map screen.

This feature applies to grocery store stores, restaurants, parking lots, and even part parks and also outdoor spaces. Google will also remember wherein your vehicle is if you push the blue dot and also hit Save your parking (Android) or Set as parking location (iOS).

See AR Live view walking directions

(Image credit: Google)

It"s not straightforward navigating native a top-down perspective, especially in a strange place. Thankfully, Google Maps has an augmented reality function that overlays direction arrows on optimal of the world about you.

There space some caveats come this feature. The an initial is that your phone needs to support Apple ARKit or google ARCore, and the second is the there requirements to be an excellent Street watch coverage. No Street View method no AR, unfortunately.

But to get AR navigating simply set up a course to her intended location, and hit the Live View switch at the bottom of the screen. Struggle Start top top the pop-up message and then permit Google Maps scan the area around you. When it"s established where girlfriend are, those directions will flash increase on screen.

(Image credit: Google Maps)

Google Maps additionally recently released Indoor Live View, designed to help you acquire around complex buildings like shopping malls, train stations, airports, and so on. It"s at this time only accessible in pick malls in parts of the U.S., and transit station in components of Japan, but Google is to plan a wider rollout together time walk on.

Get real-time transit data

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Google Maps isn"t just for driving. It"s invaluable for anyone relying ~ above public transport to acquire around. In fact it even offers real-time to update on trains and busses, visible as soon as you opt for the Public transit choice when acquiring directions.

You can also ask Google Assistant for that information, so friend don"t require to load up her phone to figure out if you must be to run to the platform or stop.

Google Maps also features a bunch the information around transit stations, such together handicap accessibility, temperature of train cars, and also whether there"s any kind of security ~ above site.

Plan your commute

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Checking your directions is only one component of to plan a expedition ahead that time. You additionally need to understand what the web traffic is most likely to be like after friend leave. So be sure to specify her departure and arrival windows.

First, find for your intended location and hit Get directions. Once the route preview come up, hit the 3 dot menu in the top right corner and select Set depart or come time. Google will certainly then use its huge swaths of data and also knowledge that the road problems to calculation what the road will it is in like when you want to leave.

Add extra stop to your trip

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Navigation isn"t always about going native A come B. Sometimes you need to move onto suggest C and also D together well. Luckily Google Maps have the right to accommodate her needs, by letting you add up to nine extra stop to your journey.

Load up your navigation preview again and also hit the three dotted menu in the height right corner. Then pick Add stop, which flashes up an extra destination bar to uncover where you have to go. Those extra stops can additionally be rearranged by pressing and also holding the 2 horizontal lines on the best side of every bar.

Share your location and also trip progress

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There"s no need to text her friends offering them her ETA, due to the fact that there"s a better way — especially if you"re the one behind the wheel. Google Maps allows you share your expedition progress, for this reason they can inspect in and also see where you are. That additionally makes it a helpful security tool in particular situations.

Simply open up maps and also start her navigation, climate swipe increase from the bottom toolbar and also select Share trip progress. Pick the contact or application you desire to send your development to and the recipient will obtain a connect that lets them monitor you in actual time. To protect against sharing monitor the very same steps, however this time press Stop sharing. Google Maps will instantly end the sharing as soon as you arrive at your destination as well.

Download maps for offline directions

(Image credit: Google Maps)

Cell business isn"t always consistent, and that have the right to play havoc with your navigation if you haven"t to plan ahead. Fortunately Google has accounted because that these eventualities, letting you download portions of the map because that offline use.

Head right into Google Maps and press her avatar on the right-hand next of the find bar to open up the menu. Choose Offline Maps and also move the blue bar come the area you want to save and hit Download. You can scroll the map roughly or zoom in and also out, but remember the the larger the area girlfriend save, the more storage an are it will certainly take up.

Find brand-new places and also save them for later

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Google Maps is likewise an invaluable device to find things in your local area. That"s exceptionally useful if you are in a strange place, or straightforward want to check out what rather is out there.

You deserve to search because that what"s roughly you, or you can use the committed hot tricks Google has actually under the search bar. The most common requests prefer gas stations and also restaurants room front and also center, yet if girlfriend scroll all the way to the finish you can see a complete list that businesses and amenities you have the right to track down at the press of a button.

And if over there are any kind of you like, or want to inspect out again later, be certain to fight the Save alternative to bookmark that place to one of the practice lists Google Maps allows you create and also share.

See whereby you’ve been

(Image credit: Google Maps)

If you"re devastating at remembering where you"ve been, you"re in luck, due to the fact that Google Maps will execute that because that you as component of the "Your timeline" feature.

Hit her avatar in the optimal right, in ~ the finish of the search bar and tap the Your Timeline option around halfway under the menu. This will tell you whereby you"ve been throughout every day. It"s all tape-recorded automatically, yet you can also include your own notes wherein necessary.

And, if you"d rather Google Maps didn"t keep tabs on whereby you"ve been and when you to be there, this feature can it is in turned off in the setups menu. Open up the setting menu and also pick Personal content. From there, select Location History and make certain it"s switched off. You may additionally want come toggle turn off Timeline emails therefore Google doesn"t fill her inbox through a perform of places you"ve been.

Get at home directions

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Google Maps doesn"t simply offer out directions; it"s available for certain indoor areas too — consisting of museums and also sports arenas. Several of them also support maps for various floors, so you"re far less likely to gain lost.

The maps also highlight essential indoor landmarks, prefer ARM machines, details desks, and bathrooms.

Book hotels, restaurant reservations, practice classes and also more

(Image credit: Google Maps)

You can uncover pretty much any business in ~ Google Maps, and also you don"t have to leave to do a booking in ~ one. Google partnered through a bunch of third-party services such as Experia,, and OpenTable, all to let you ar a preventive there and then. Just find a business and also load increase the organization profile to gain it done.

Android individuals using Google pay will also be maybe to salary from Google Map, and also the application itself will also include your plans to Google Calendar if you use it.

Check weather and air quality

(Image credit: Future)

Google Maps has plenty if different layers for see real-time information in any given area. Two of the most beneficial ones covering weather and air quality. That means you"ll have the ability to see current and forecasted weather for one more location, and also how good the regional air is at any given time.

Air high quality is currently limited to the U.S., India, and also Australia, but the weather class is at this time rolling the end worldwide. Just hit the switch on the appropriate side of the display screen showing a square through a triangular heat underneath to carry up the menu.

Choose more eco-friendly driving options

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Whether you deep care around the environment, or just want to do every oz of gas last as long as possible, Google Maps can aid you with more eco-friendly routes.

The idea below is the google Maps will avoid the faster or shortest routes, and instead send you under the one that uses the the very least fuel. Since all those protect against signs, web traffic lights, and other obstacles all work to reduce fuel economy. Vehicle drivers in some regions will additionally get alerts if they"re heading come a low emission zone.

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This function is enabled by default, despite users can opt out in the settings food selection if they prefer.