*Rat lungworm (Angiostrongylus cantonensis) facts written by Charles P. Davis, MD, PhD

Rat lungworm (Angiostrongylus cantonensis) is a parasite the infects rats with the adult parasitic form found just in rodents. The infected rats pass larvae in their feces to reach slugs and also snails. The parasitic life cycle continues in the snails and also completes once rats eat infected snails and the larvae construct into worms in the rat. Angiostrongyliasis is the ax describing rat lungworm infection of humans.People gain infected by eating raw or undercooked snails and/or slugs infected v the rat lungworm. Part researchers indicate other freshwater feeders such together shrimp, crabs, or frogs may likewise carry and transmit the parasite come humans, but fish perform not it seems to be ~ to spread this parasite.An infected human being cannot transmit parasite to others.Most infections occur in Asia and the Pacific Islands, yet people have reported epidemic in the Caribbean and Africa. In the U.S., Hawaii reported 3 infections in tourist in 2019. Huge African floor snails deserve to be infected through this parasite.Notify her health care provider if friend think you can have one infection v the rat lungworm parasite.To avoid obtaining rat lungworm, perform not eat raw or undercooked snails or slugs, and other pets like frogs or shrimp, especially in locations where the parasite is common. In addition, avoid eating uncooked vegetables.

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Rat Lungworm disease Symptom

Stiff Neck

Stiffness in the neck can arise as a an outcome of disorders and diseases of any kind of structure in the neck. The neck includes seven cervical vertebrae that are the bony structure blocks that the spine in the neck; these vertebrae surround the spinal cord and also canal. Between these vertebrae space discs, and nearby pass the nerves the the neck. Within the neck, other structures and organs encompass the neck muscles, arteries, veins, lymph glands, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, esophagus, larynx, and trachea.

Angiostrongylus cantonensis is a helminth worm that rats. That is also called the rat lungworm. The adult form of the parasite is uncovered only in rodents. Infected rats pass larvae of the parasite in their feces. Snails and slugs get infected by eating the larvae. These larvae maturation in snails and also slugs however do not become adult worms. The life bike is completed once rats eat infected snails or slugs and also the larvae further mature to become adult worms.

Yes. Civilization can acquire infected, under unexplained circumstances. However, also if infected, most people recover completely without treatment.

People can get infected by eat raw or undercooked snails or slugs that space infected through this parasite. In part cultures, snails are generally eaten. Some children, in particular, have acquired infected by swallowing snails/slugs "on a dare." People likewise can gain infected by accident, by eating raw create (such together lettuce) that includes a small snail or slug or part of one.

Certain animals such freshwater shrimp, crabs, or frogs, have been uncovered to it is in infected v larvae of the parasite. The is feasible that eat undercooked or raw animals that room infected could result in people coming to be infected, despite the evidence for this is no as clear together for eat infected snails and also slugs. Of note, fish perform not spread out this parasite.

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Can one infected human being infect other people?


In what components of the world have people become infected v this parasite?

In numerous parts, but most of the known instances of infection have remained in parts the Asia and also the Pacific Islands. Some have been in other areas of the world, such as in the Caribbean and Africa.

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Yes. Cases have occurred in Hawaii (and other Pacific Islands). Very few cases have been reported in the continental unified States. In 1993, a boy in new Orleans gained infected by swallowing a raw snail "on a dare." The type of snail he swallowed isn't known. He became ill a couple of weeks later, v muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, a slim fever, and vomiting. His symptom went away in about 2 weeks, without therapy of the infection.