Scarring isn’t commonly the first thought (or even the second, or third or any type of number) that concerns mind when human being consider acquiring a body piercing.

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It’s no something that’s talked around often, but scarring is a possibility. When piercings are done by professionals such together those in ~ the danger of scarring can be considerably minimized, but any type of time over there is a physical wound to the skin over there is always a opportunity of scarring and also scar tissue during healing.

Not every scars are the same, and keloid scarring have the right to be an unfortunate an outcome of piercings. Keloid scars are visible scars that can type during the healing procedure post-piercing. That’s the poor news. The an excellent news is that if you experience from piercing related keloid scars, they room treatable.

So if you’re trying to find ways to get rid of keloids, read on. This overview can help.


What are Keloid Scars?

Keloid scars show up as a raised scar on the skin. What makes them distinct is the they don’t simply cover the wound itself, they have the right to spread past the early area healing acquisition over a much bigger area of skin. These types of scars are also generally unsightly and also can take on bizarre forms that do them was standing out.

Keloid scars can additionally vary in colour, and also may ball away from her skin. When you develop this type of scar the likelihood that it may prosper over time is high if left untreated.

How Keloids Develop

Keloid scar can display up towards the end of the healing process after the skin (and underlying tissue) has been damaged. Castle can additionally appear randomly, but those type of keloids room rare. These scars can show up as a an outcome of both minimal and much more intense damage.

Some the the common reasons include:

Body PiercingsBurnsIncisions native SurgeriesChickenpox/ShinglesAcneTattoo Removal


Damage is not limited to this causes provided here. Keloids can build from any number of skin injuries. What wake up is your body goes right into overdrive if trying come repair your injured skin. That produces too lot collagen, a protein that strengthens skin, in an effort to heal. This collagen not only heals the wound yet piles increase to type a keloid scar.


Where are Keloids most likely To Develop?

Although keloids can construct anywhere top top the body, some locations are an ext likely to construct them before others. These locations incorporate the:

ChestBackUpper ArmsShoulders


Keloids room not constantly determined by exactly how much you treatment for her skin. There space a few different factors that play right into your likeliness to construct keloid scars.

Symptoms of Keloids

There space a couple of hallmark attributes common with many keloids including:


Both appear and also grow slowly over time, v some taking as much as 3-12 month to appear, and weeks to months to flourish larger.Usually existing as a raised red, pink or even purple scar, v colour tending to darken gradually to a shade darker 보다 your initial skin tone.Physically feel different in texture than the surrounding skin, through some feeling doughy or soft, and others hard or rubbery.Are regularly tender or reason pain or itching, through symptoms usually subsiding together they grow.


How to protect against Keloids

The very first thing you have to understand around preventing keloids is the some problems are out of her control. No everyone will endure from keloids, however your genes do play a role in their development. If you have actually parents that tend to develop keloids when healing, you might suffer from the exact same fate.

Your age will likewise play a duty in just how likely you are to construct keloids. People between the ages of 10 and 30 are much more likely to build these kinds of scars. After the period of 30, the likelihood drops.

So, it’s no all great news. Don’t problem though, there are some actions you can take in stimulate to mitigate your odds of developing keloid scarring. The adhering to steps should help when do the efforts to protect against keloids.

Bandage the woundWash that every day

Extended care

Once the injury is visibly healed you will desire to usage a silicone gelatin bandage or a self-drying gel. Keloid scarring have the right to take a few months to develop. Friend will want to keep applying silicone gelatin bandages or self-drying silicone gelatin for a few months.

How come Treat Keloids

Before you shot to treat your keloid scars at residence it is best to talk through a dermatologist. They will be maybe to assist you decide what sort of therapy will work for you. The kind of treatment relies on how old the keloids are, the location of the scar, and also the size and shape that the scarring. The complying with treatment methods have been offered on keloids and also keloid scars.

Cryotherapy (freezing the scar)Oil treatments (will no eliminate, yet should soften the scar)Corticosteroids (medications supplied alongside various other treatments)Medical InjectionsRadiation TreatmentsSurgical Procedures


There is no one therapy that works when it concerns removing keloids. Most treatments will assist reduce the illustration of scars. Keep in mental there room no guarantees treatments will fully remove the keloids. Girlfriend may have actually to shot a couple of different methods before finding the one that will certainly work finest for you.


Risks v Keloids

There space a few risks the come in addition to keloids. Although they look painful, those suffering from keloids normally don’t suffer pain. Some people complain that itching or limited mobility, but not commonly anything past discomfort. There is one hazard to it is in wary of, infection.

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If you discover a keloid has become an extremely tender it might be infected. Over there will commonly be some inflammation or the skin will certainly be heat to the touch. If this wake up it’s a good idea to see a doctor. Part keloid infections can construct into pockets the pus. This infection could not be treatable with simple antibiotics. To avoid serious health complications, seek clinical attention if friend think your keloid is infected.