Walk follow me the height of the ledge until you happen a little dip wherein you come to be visible. Instantly past the you should enter a covert warp pipe. The pipe leader to a covert flag pole exit, and jumping on the flag will open up up the route to the warp cannon ~ above the civilization map. This cannon takes girlfriend to human being 5.

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World 2-6

The game’s 2nd warp cannon enntrance gate is unlocked within people 2-6. You’ll have several chances to pick up a helicopter hat during this high-flying level, and also that’s an excellent because you’ll require one to with the level’s an enig exit.

The upside-down warp pipeline you’re searching for is located simply after the level’s eight red coins. You’ll check out a collection of ten invisible coins above several an ext dancing ago and forth. Immediately above and to the best of the impressive reappearing coins is one upside-down red warp pipe. Usage your helicopter hat to paris up and also enter it. If you acquire to the finish of the rotating pink block’s path, you’ve gone as well far.Once you arise from the pipe, you’re just a pair of carefully-timed jumps away from unlocking the mystery path ~ above the world map. Once the level ends, a pair of extra mushroom platforms will show up on the map to aid you reach the cannon.The cannon takes friend to civilization 5.

World 3-Haunted Mansion

New at sight Mario Bros Wii’s 3rd warp cannon is situated in the Haunted Mansion of people 3. In the mansion’s an initial room, do your way to the far right and also take the door that’s surprise inside the invisible wall. Simply keep running appropriate until you discover it.In the next room, do your way up the cheat Kong Jr.-esque series of poles and also go with the door at the top. In the next room, make your method along the rope at the peak of the display screen until you find a couple of moving yellow communication below. Fall onto one of the platforms, climate onto the stationary box-like communication below. Friend should autumn through and also discover an additional hidden door. Go into it.

The next part is a tiny tricky. Do your finest to avoid the ever-encroaching boos till the platform you’re riding get the bottom floor. Go through the door you uncover there. External you’ll discover a flag pole. Jump on it and find the route to the warp cannon opened up ~ above the people map.This cannon takes friend to human being 6.

World 4-Mid-Level Castle

The 4th warp cannon entrance is discovered in the mid-level lock of people 4. Make your means through the very first room to fill with moving treadmills and big grey blocks and enter the pipe at the top. In the following room, blocks will start to fall from conveyor belts over you, stacking up and requiring some mindful jumping to avoid. Wait because that the an initial two block to fall, jump on height of the 2nd and run into a hidden passage in the wall surface containing a warp pipe.Outside you will do it traverse a pair more conveyor belts prior to jumping on the hidden flag and also opening increase the course to the warp cannon.This cannon takes friend to world 6.

World 5-Haunted Mansion

The warp cannon in world 5 is, choose its civilization 3 counterpart, located in the world Haunted Mansion level. The mansion’s an initial room has countless exits, so do your means to the one at the far bottom ideal of the room. Don’t take it, however. The departure you’re trying to find is actually through a hidden wall surface to the left.Go with the concealed door and you’ll emerge in a room with number of spotlights and moving, lighted platforms. Make your method to the door at the far right, carefully avoiding the Boos and also pitfalls along the way.Outside you’ll discover a flagpole protected by a rotating one of Boos. Time your jump carefully and grab the flag.Out top top the human being map, a new path will open up.This cannon takes girlfriend to human being 8.

World 6-6

The warp cannon in civilization 6 is found in the sparsely-illuminated cave level 6-6. You’ll start a raft ride shortly after reaching the level’s midway goal. Closely avoid the just arrive bats until you see a blue p Switch and a collection of coins. At the finish of the coin string you must see a helicopter block up on a ledge. Grabbing it have the right to make reaching the an enig exit a small easier, however isn’t totally necessary. You will soon come throughout two fire-breathing hammer brothers sending out glowing balls of death in your direction. Jump off the raft onto the platform simply in former of them.You must see a red upside-down warp pipe. Jump into it. Do your way carefully v the adhering to cave, staying clear of the bats swooping under from the ceiling. Lug the glowing block if you feel the require for much more illumination. In ~ the finish of the cave is one more upside-down red pipe. Go into it.Outside you’ll uncover the flag did you do it been searching for. Claim it to open up up the path to the warp cannon.This cannon takes friend to people 8.New super Mario Bros Wii is may be the best Nintendo Wii game to date. This is hoping our overview makes your search to as soon as again retrieve the princess native Bowser simply a little easier.

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All references and images native New super Mario Bros Wii.