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In one overly associated world, occasionally it’s pretty to simply sit back and reap yourself digital without world constantly vying for her attention. But how execute you make sure your friends and family can’t view if you’re on facebook then, even if friend are?

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Here’s how to appear offline on the renowned social media site, whether you’re trying to prevent unwanted fist or desire to come scour your crush’s profile late at night without their knowledge.

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Using her desktop

Step 1: walk to Facebook

If you’re currently logged in, navigating to the website will instantly open your News Feed. If girlfriend aren’t signed in, enter your email deal with — or phone call number — and password in the upper-right corner.

Step 2: walk to chat and also turn off energetic status


Click the grey equipment icon situated in the lower right of your screen, in ~ the chat bar. Select the 3rd option from the bottom, Turn Off active Status.

Here, you can select to turn off energetic status for all contacts, for all yet a few, or just for a selected few. Choose whichever best applies to you and also hit Okay come begin showing up offline.

Note: when you’ve turned off your active status, Facebook will certainly still present a “Last Online” tag alongside your surname within the chat module. This will count up from whenever you turned off your status.

Using the facebook app

Step 1: beginning Facebook

If you are not logged in, friend will prompted to perform so.


Step 2: access Settings

Tap the three horizontal lines in the lower-right edge of her screen, and also scroll down to the bottom of the result menu. Then, madness Settings & Privacy, followed by Settings.

Step 3: Disable your active status setting

Under the Privacy heading, about half way under the page, you’ll check out an choice for Active Status. This is how others know when you’re online. Click Active Status, and make certain to toggle the off.

Using the Messenger app

Step 1: start the Messenger app

Messenger is a separate app from the Facebook application on your phone, so come ensure that you are appearing fully offline, you’ll also need to revolve off your active status right here if you arrangement on utilizing it when incognito. To execute so, open up the app and sign in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: walk to her profile

From the residence tab, tap her profile snapshot in the upper-left corner.

Step 3: turn off active status

Near the top, there will a button labelled Active Status. Tap that, and make certain the alternative titled “Show when you’re active” is toggled off.

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Block customers you never want to recognize you’re online

If you yes, really don’t want to be bothered by particular people ~ above Facebook, friend can always block them. Friend won’t have the ability to send or receive messages indigenous a blocked contact at all, and they won’t have the ability to see whether you’re active on Facebook. It’s a solution, however one that can be necessary if things are starting to watch dire. Come send or get messages to a clogged contact, you’ll have to unblock castle first.