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If you share one Amazon account with your partner—or let other world use her Prime login—you might occasionally desire to hide an bespeak from your history. That way, girlfriend won’t spoil the surprise of a date of birth gift, or your kids won’t watch something castle shouldn’t as soon as shopping for school supplies. Here’s exactly how to execute it.

How to Archive or Hide an order on Amazon

Log in come Amazon and click return & orders in the top-right corner.

This will present you a perform of every the points you’ve ordered in the previous three months. Scroll v the list till you discover the order that you want to hide and also click “View order Details.” If friend don’t view it, use the search bar to discover it.

For the item that you desire to hide, click “Archive Order.”

Then, click “Archive Order” again. Everything you ordered at the very same time will likewise be archived.


Now, once someone looks at the list of her orders, that won’t appear. That is quiet accessible, however, in the order archive.

You can accessibility it on Amazon’s Archived assignment page. To uncover it top top Amazon’s website, walk to account & lists > Account. Click the “Archived Orders” switch found on the your Account page.


Set increase Amazon household Instead

Archiving orders to a little-known section of the user interface isn’t a an excellent solution, to be honest. Sure, that works, yet someone who’s curious might still easily find the stimulate details. Instead, if you have Amazon Prime, there’s a much far better solution: Amazon Household.

Amazon family members lets you share her Prime benefits and also digital contents with another adult and up to 4 teens and children. This method that both you and also your partner have the right to have your own Amazon accounts, stimulate each other whatever an enig gifts friend like, and get the same cost-free delivery options—without paying because that a second Prime account. No an ext account-sharing is needed.

It also way that friend can set your teenage children up through their own Amazon account so the they have the right to order points with her approval, however they won’t have the ability to pry through your order list to check out what they’re obtaining for Christmas.

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To set up an Amazon Household, head to the Amazon household page and follow our complete walkthrough.

Harry GuinnessHarry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with practically a decade of experience. His work has been released in newspapers like The brand-new York Times and also on a range of various other websites, native Lifehacker to famous Science and also Medium"s OneZero. Read full Bio »