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buzzpatterson.com would never condone law anything illegal. Our guide to the mile-high society is only meant for educational functions ?

What is the mile-high club?

Even if you would certainly never think about a romantic romp in-flight, or obtaining it on in the toilet of a Boeing 747 isn’t your style, the idea that the mile-high society may have actually crossed her mind. Model Chrissy Teigen claimed in “Cosmopolitan” that she has actually done it, and also actors Gwyneth Paltrow and also Johnny Depp said lock are likewise members ~ above an episode of “Ellen.”

Joining the well known mile-high club is a bucket-list item for those who hope to take their love to new heights (or in ~ least have the ability to say they go it). Having actually sex in-flight at the very least one mile above the soil is the agreed-upon prerequisite forced to sign up with the aptly named mile-high club. MileHighClub.com specifies it together “two people engaging in sex-related activity… at an altitude of no less than 5,280 feet (a mile high over the earth) in one airplane.”

According to buzzpatterson.com’s American romance on the road survey, some 33 percent the American fliers are interested in follow membership (43 percent of males vs. 22 percent of women). And, as for those who deserve to say they have done it, 9 percent that men and 2 percent the women case to have actually met those risque requirements.

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However, the legal consequences are very real. If you don’t think us, simply ask Carl and also Dawn that U.S. V. Carl Warren Persing and also Dawn Elizabeth Sewell. The said, there are means to suffer mile-high romance there is no it bring about a criminal record.

Curious? Well, an initial you’ll have to find a trip at buzzpatterson.com, then check out on for much more info on what this exclude, sky-high club is every about.

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What come know about the mile-high club

Love is in the air. (Image: Love Cloud)

Curious about copulating at cruising altitude there is no breaking the law?

Airlines choose Cincinnati, Ohio-based Flamingo Air and Las Vegas-based Love Cloud offer a legal means to check out this risque company without the risky business.

Flamingo Air provides a 60-minute “Romantic Adventure” finish with Champagne, chocolates and also privacy to join the mile-high society for $475.

Love Cloud uses daytime tours of Red absent Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Meade and the ras Vegas strip, and night flights of an intricate over las Vegas. The company has flown an ext than 300 flights with the motto “What Happens over Vegas remains Over Vegas.” once airborne, passenger are free to move about the cabin on 30-, 45-, 60-, or 90-minute flights. The Cessna 421 has also been retrofitted through a foam mattress and a sound and also light device to set the mood. There’s likewise a door in between the cockpit and also the couple, wireless Bluetooth Sound system to play music in ~ a high level to drown out any kind of unwanted noise and the pilot wears sound-canceling headphones, so your mystery rendezvous is safe v him or her. Flights price $799 come $1,399.

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Would you ever before join the mile-high club? re-superstructure (if you dare) in the comments.

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