Hummus is a great dip or spread that is filled with all type of good vitamins. Hummus is just one of those foodstuffs that doesn’t have actually a real long shelf life but it is pretty basic to tell as soon as it has actually gone bad.

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I will cover in this short article how come tell if hummus has actually gone bad.

The best way to phone call if hummus has gone bad is by smell it. A sour smell or taste are both good indicators the hummus has gone bad. Hummus can additionally start to prosper mold if that is left long enough. Level fresh hummus doesn’t have actually much the a smell at all.


4 ways to call if hummus has gone poor

Hummus is one of those fresh ingredients that doesn’t have actually a lengthy shelf life once homemade or store-bought. The is crucial to make sure that the is quiet fresh prior to you gain it to ensure that you won’t get food poisoning or foodborne illness.

Best if used by date

You will an alert that the date hummus service providers put on their labels space “best if offered by” dates and also not “expiration” dates. This is due to the fact that they space recommending friend consume it by this date for the finest quality.

So if you haven’t opened up it till that job or the work after you will be well as lengthy as it to be sealed and stored properly.

You can use hummus as much as 5 job after the finest if used by date as lengthy as you inspect it and make sure it is ok. Follow follow me for more ways to tell if hummus has gone bad.

Sour smell

If you open up your container that hummus and notification a sour odor to it then it is safe to say that you should just throw it away. It has actually spoiled and the bacteria have actually started come grow and your hummus isn’t safe to eat anymore.

Hummus doesn’t have actually much that a odor to it. When you add different flavors and also seasonings clearly the odor will adjust too yet the sour smell is constantly a great sign that it has spoiled.

Whether friend have cacao hummus, garlic hummus, or my personal favorite whatever bagel hummus you will have various smells. Sweet, garlic or smoky scents are all perfectly well if castle go along with the flavor the you bought.

Hummus and sour space a negative match and a good way to tell that your hummus has gone bad.

Taste sour

Much favor the smell of hummus, it need to never taste sour. Girlfriend will notification that occasionally it has actually a lemony taste or a cilantro taste however those room much different than the cake taste of bad hummus.

You will understand right away if you walk to eat it and also it has actually that fermented sour tang to it. Litter it away and also go back to the store. The is no worth the risk of food-borne illness.

As i mentioned prior to hummus comes in every kinds of different flavors for this reason one could taste totally different 보다 another. This is totally normal together there are plenty of many flavors out there. Cake is not among them. Figure


Hummus is a creamy smooth spread. The shade will vary by the odor the most crucial thing to look for to phone call if her hummus has gone poor is mold.

An noticeable sign through no inquiry on if you have to consume it or toss it. Mold come in different colors and also none of lock are an excellent for you.

You might see a white, grey, or black fussy mold growing in your container. This will commonly happen if it is not stored effectively or if it has gone well past the “best if supplied by date”.

How to keep hummus

You want to make sure that you save your hummus in a strictly sealed container. This goes for both store-bought and also homemade hummus.

If air and also other containments can obtain to the hummus, bacteria start to grow and spoilage starts to happen.

Storing hummus in the refrigerator

You likewise want to always store her hummus in ~ 40°F or below. Appropriate from the store and in-between uses make certain that that is maintained cold and sealed. Hummus will remain fresh approximately 5 job after opening.

The FDA recommends the after hummus is left the end for 4 or much more hours that it it s okay tossed out. After that time duration bacteria has started come grow and also putting the in the fridge will certainly not avoid it at that point.

Freezing hummus

Hummus have the right to be frozen. Depending on the manufacturer, the same consistency and taste don’t always come back but it will certainly still be tasty. Most of the moment you deserve to let line it back to life once it is thawed out.

Make sure to use a strict sealed freezer-safe container to stop moisture from acquiring it and also causing freezer burn. Ns recommend frizzing the into little servings so that you can take out just what you arrangement to use within a day or 2 of thawing out.

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Freezing hummus will permit you to keep your hummus for 6 months to a year. Ns wouldn’t recommend going previous a year because the flavor and texture at that point will have adjusted and won’t taste great.

You want to make sure that once you room thawing out your hummus, friend thaw the in the fridge. It will take around a day come thaw out. Stir it up and enjoy!