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Read receipts aren"t everyone"s favorite point — after all, they deserve to let friends recognize we"ve read a message as soon as we would rather pretend we hadn"t — but they"re handy for keeping up v online conversations. And Facebook Messenger has read receipts, if you know where to look.

The appearance of the review receipt counts on just how you"re accessing Messenger. This can make informing if someone has actually actually review your message a little bit confusing. The easiest method to tell even if it is a message has actually been read is to log onto Facebookwith a net browser. Clicking the Messenger symbol reveals a list of the human being you"ve communicated with. Choosing a personpop-ups a tiny window end your on facebook timeline. Under the last, the message will speak "Seen " with a time and also date, or, for group conversations, "Seen by " if they"ve to be read. Nothing will appear if the latest message hasn"t to be read. It"s as basic can be.


However, if you"re reading from the mobile app on her smartphone or accessing facebook Messenger the website (by going to rather of, it"s a small less obvious. Rather of a message "seen" message, Messenger offers small, circular symbols that show up in the reduced right the article window. They"re more subtle than a straightforward text, and even if you watch them, you might not recognize what castle mean.

If a friend has actually read her message, you"ll see a miniature variation of their profile picture. If castle haven"t, you"ll view a blue symbol with a white checkmark indicating the message has been delivered, but not however read. Friend may additionally see a white circle, which method the message is sending, or a white circle with a blue checkmark, which method the message has been sent, however not yet delivered.


Timestamps do exist wherein these symbols are used, however to reveal the time and date stamp you need to select the message if you"re using the mobile app (see below).


For the browser-based version of Messenger, hover over the text (see below).

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You won"t constantly be may be to watch if a message has actually been read

But a blog post being unread doesn"t necessarily average the receiver hasn"t review it. Post notifications — which your friend may have pop up on their desktop computer or smartphone — permit friends read your message without check out receipts. You"ll only obtain a read receipt when your friend opens Messenger to read your blog post or views Messenger messages with Facebook.