Your pancreas—a long, flat organ tucked deep right into your abdomen—has numerous important functions, including producing insulin to store your blood sugar steady. However the an initial thing that involved many people"s minds when they see words "pancreas" is cancer, especially due to the fact that Alex Trebek"s diagnosis and also death newly flooded the news.

One that the points that renders pancreatic cancer so feared is that it"s the deadliest form of cancer in regards to 5-year survive rates. Typically, only three percent of people diagnosed with metastatic, or stage 4, pancreatic cancer space alive five years after ~ diagnosis.

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As of now, over there aren"t regimen screening tests because that cancer the the pancreas, and also there aren"t always obvious indicators your pancreas isn"t healthy, for this reason it"s difficult to understand if it"s imminent in her body. “Part of the factor survival prices are so short is that identifying pancreatic cancer early is difficult,” claims Andrew Hendifar, M.D., co-director of pancreas oncology in ~ Cedars-Sinai Medical facility in Los Angeles.

But various other things can go wrong with your pancreas, too, such as various forms of pancreatitis (that method there"s inflammation in the organ). Those don"t constantly give super apparent signs, either, so early on detection of these non-cancer worries can it is in tough, too, describes Ted Epperly, M.D., president of family members Medicine Residency of Idaho. However sometimes, her pancreas does provide you clues that something"s up the you should pay attention to.

When it concerns something walking wrong with your pancreas, both Dr. Epperly and also Dr. Hendifar speak there space a grasp of warning indicators that warrant a speak to to her doctor. Right here are 5 that them.

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If you notification your stool is irradiate colored and also floating, that’s a authorize of bad nutrient absorption, which can mean your pancreas is gift hampered native doing its job.

“The enzymes her pancreas produces aid you digest fats in your diet,” Dr. Hendifar explains. The pancreas also helps your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins prefer A, E, and also K, he says.

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When pancreatic condition messes with the organ’s capability to properly manufacture those enzymes, her stool look at paler and also becomes much less dense.

You might also notification your poop is oily or greasy.“The toilet water will have actually a film the looks like oil,” Dr. Hendifar says. That’s the diet fat your body failure to break down, that explains.

If you an alert your poop look at funky now and also then, that’s no reason to freak out. However if every or many of your poops have actually these characteristics, let your physician know.