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“I implore you to have my body opened, so the I might not be hidden alive.”

-- Composer Frédéric Chopin


Fear that being hidden alive, or “taphophobia” for those wanting to admire dinner party guests, to be a genuine concern in the 18th and also 19th century, bring about the creation of security coffins. Medical advances over the past few centuries have made this an ext of an irrational phobia 보다 a reality, however there’s always stories surfacing about living civilization pronounced dead.

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The odds that you’re going to come throughout a look at lifeless body are hopefully slim, but it no hurt to know some reliable methods to make sure a human is actually dead. If that an yes, really emergency girlfriend should constantly call 911 immediately, however if you want to carry out the dispatcher with useful info you might need to execute a little an ext than just kick the human body a few times. This is what you do…

1. Kick Them


OK, OK, don’t kick the maybe dead body. Yet you must gently bag or shiver them. That not completely foolproof however, as an unconscious human being may not respond in ~ all, and a corpse might emit waiting or various other noise the would suggest signs the life.

2. Check for a Pulse


Hold her fingertips to the who wrist or top top either side of your neck and also see if you have the right to feel for any kind of sign the a beating heart. Again, this can regularly be complicated (even because that pros) for this reason no pulse doesn’t necessarily average they room gone for good.

3. The Old winter Trick


It’s a gag supplied in a many old movies, however it works. Organize a tiny mirror under the person’s nose and see if the glass fogs up. If friend don’t have actually a mirror, use any type of glass-based surface choose sunglasses or a powered-off cell phone screen. So lengthy as it’s a dark reflective surface so friend can conveniently see the fog.

4. Bright a Light


Using a flashlight, straight the beam straight right into the eye. If the pupil constricts, they’re more than likely alive. No an answer isn’t a good sign. If girlfriend don’t have a flashlight handy, use a flashlight application on a cell phone. (Who knew cabinet phones would certainly be this handy because that diagnosing death?)

5. The Sniff Test


If you happen to have actually an onion handy, reduced it in half and organize it in former of the who nose. The pungent odor will occupational like smelling salts and likely jolt the human being awake…if, in fact, they are still through us.

6. The, Um, various other Sniff Test

It’s not pleasant, but often a body will release urine and also excrement when it expires (not every the time, it sort of counts on how complete the bladder or intestines were prior to the person passed), so soiled trousers are one more indication of the human being deceased.

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How medical professionals Pronounce someone Dead


Apart native performing countless of the test above, despite with an ext reliable and expensive equipment, medical professionals or paramedics ~ above the scene usage technology. They hook a human body up to makers that screen heartbeat, brainwaves, and respiration. If you’ve ever before watched a medical show you know precisely what castle looking for: A flatline. Doctors may likewise do one ultrasound to view if there’s any kind of heart activity.