Appendicitis wake up if her appendix becomes inflamed or infected. The appendix is a little tube-shaped organ attached come the big intestine. Nobody to know what the appendix’s purpose is — however we do know that appendicitis is serious. A surgeon commonly performs an to eliminate the failing appendix.


What is appendicitis?

Your postposition is a finger-sized tube situated where the big and tiny intestines connect. It has no known function, but if it it s okay inflamed or infected (appendicitis), you will do it need instant treatment.

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An inflamed appendix may reason pain off and also on. Or it might burst open (rupture), resulting in sudden, severe pain. A ruptured appendix can spread bacteria through the abdominal cavity. These bacteria cause a serious, sometimes-fatal infection dubbed peritonitis.

Where is your appendix?

The postposition is in the lower right side of the abdomen (belly).

How usual is appendicitis?

Approximately 5% of american will construct appendicitis. The the No. 1 cause of ab pain requiring surgical procedure .

Who can get appendicitis?

Appendicitis can occur at any age, although that most typical in world in your teens and 20s. Appendicitis in youngsters most often occurs during the tween or teenager years. However even elementary school-age youngsters get appendicitis.

Symptoms and also Causes

What causes appendicitis?

It’s not clear what brings on appendicitis. Something cause an inflammation (irritation and swelling) or infection in your appendix. Causes could include:

Abdominal injury or trauma.Blockage in ~ the opening whereby the appendix connects come the intestines.Growths inside the appendix.

What room the symptoms of appendicitis?

Severe ab pain in the lower right belly — whereby your postposition is — is a vital sign the appendicitis. Symptoms regularly come top top suddenly and get worse. Castle include:

Swollen belly.Loss that appetite (not feeling hungry as soon as you normally would).

Diagnosis and also Tests

How is appendicitis diagnosed?

You’ll describe your symptoms and have a physical exam. Her doctor may order a blood check to examine for infection. You additionally may have actually an imaging scan. Any kind of of this tests can show signs the blockage, inflammation or body organ rupture:

Management and also Treatment

How is appendicitis treated?

Most people with appendicitis need a surgery referred to as an It gets rid of a hurt appendix. If the appendix hasn’t however ruptured, surgery stays clear of that rupture and also keeps epidemic from spreading.

Before surgery, you obtain intravenous (IV) antibiotics come treat infection. Some cases of gentle appendicitis get far better with antibiotics alone. Your physician will clock you carefully to determine if you need surgery. Surgical treatment is the only method to treat abdominal muscle infection as soon as the postposition ruptures.

If you require surgery, most appendectomies space done laparoscopically. Laparoscopic actions take location with a limit through little incisions. This minimally invasive technique helps you cure faster, with less pain. You may need significant abdominal surgical procedure ( if the postposition ruptures.

What space the complications of appendicitis?

If it isn’t treated, a diseased appendix deserve to rupture. A explode appendix can cause an epidemic that have the right to lead to significant illness and also even death. Complications include:

Abscess: You may build an appendicular abscess, or a pocket of infectious pus. Your health care provider will location drainage pipe in her abdomen. These tubes remove liquid from the abscess before surgery. The drainage process may take a mainly or longer. Throughout this time, you take it antibiotics to fight infection. After ~ the abscess is gone, you’ll have surgery to eliminate the appendix.Abdominal infection: Peritonitis have the right to be life-threatening if epidemic spreads throughout the abdomen. Abdominal muscle surgery ( gets rid of the ruptured appendix and also treats the infection.


How deserve to I stop appendicitis?

There’s no proven way to stop appendicitis. Eating a high-fiber diet with lots of totality grains and fresh fruits and also vegetables might help, although specialists can’t describe why.

Outlook / Prognosis

What is the prognosis (outlook) for human being with appendicitis?

Because the appendix has actually no well-known purpose, you shouldn’t notice any distinction after having actually surgery to eliminate it. Some human being who have actually laparoscopic surgery go residence the exact same day or within 24 hours. Most human being return to their usual energetic life within two to 3 weeks.

You’ll need much more time in the hospital (perhaps as lengthy as a week) to recover from open up surgery. If her appendix ruptured, you might need irreversible antibiotics to clear out the epidemic completely. Her recovery time may take six weeks or longer.

Living With

When must I contact the doctor?

If you had actually antibiotic-only treatment, speak to your medical care provider if you notice signs the appendicitis again. Girlfriend should also call her provider if you’re recovering from surgery and also you experience:

Constipation.Fever.Infected surgical site (incision), with indicators of redness, ede or yellow pus.Intense ache in your lower right abdomen.

What questions should I ask mine doctor?

If you have actually appendicitis, you might want come ask your health care provider:

Why did I acquire appendicitis?Do I need surgery? exactly how long will it take to recover from surgery?What need to I expect during recovery?When can I go back to work-related or school? If ns don’t have actually surgery, what steps have the right to I take to prevent acquiring appendicitis again?Should i make any dietary changes?How have the right to I aid love ones stop appendicitis?How do indications of appendicitis differ from other stomach problems? must I look the end for signs of complications?

A keep in mind from Cleveland Clinic

Without prompt medical attention, appendicitis have the right to be fairly serious. A ruptured appendix reasons widespread infection that have the right to be deadly. Watch your health care provider if you have severe abdominal pain, a an essential sign that appendicitis. Your provider can ascendancy out various other causes. Appendicitis occasionally goes away through antibiotics alone. If you need surgery, a minimally invasive laparoscopic method uses tiny incisions to help you recoup faster.


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