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Pain and swelling roughly your toe and the i can not qualify to wear certain shoes can be signs of an ingrown toenail. It’s a typical condition the you deserve to sometimes take treatment of at home. Yet if the pain becomes unbearable, or you deserve to see an epidemic in the tissue about your toenail, you may need to seek clinical treatment.

Here in ~ Arlington/Mansfield Foot & fish eye Centers, our experienced podiatrists treat structure toenails to remove the infection and alleviate painful symptoms. To assist you discern if your symptoms are past home remedies, we’ve put together this guide to help you identify when your ingrown toenail requires medical attention.

Ingrown toenails room a typical condition

If you’ve ever had the edge or side of her toenail end up being red and also inflamed, you’ve probably had an ingrown toenail. This common condition most frequently occurs when you cut your toenails too short, wear chop shoes, or stub your toe. Additionally, some civilization have toenails that normally curve right into the skin, do them more susceptible to structure toenails and infections.

While you have the right to resolve most ingrown toenails on her own, if they end up being infected and the epidemic spreads, or if you have specific pre-existing health conditions, an structure toenail have the right to become more serious than simply an irritated toe.

Assess your symptoms

Ingrown toenails commonly occur in your large toe. Signs that you have an ingrown toenail include:

Swollen, red skin top top one side of the affected toenailPain and also tenderness in your toePain indigenous the push of wearing shoesOvergrown skin in ~ the pointer of the toe or together the nailBlood or pus that leaks indigenous the toenail or an open sore

If at first your symptom are just uncomfortable, yet not too serious, house remedies might alleviate her discomfort and also prevent infection.

Try these house remedies

At an initial sign of an structure toenail, try these home remedies to mitigate pain and also swelling and to view if her ingrown pond will fix on that own:

Soak your toe in heat water because that 15-20 minutes number of times a dayApply antibiotic ointment to the toe and also cover it with a bandageWear sandals therefore there’s no press on her toeTake one over-the-counter pain relieverAvoid cutting the toenail

If her toe begins to feel far better after a couple days through these solutions, you’re more than likely not at hazard of the infection spreading or coming to be debilitating. However, if her symptoms worsen, or get much better at first, but then the pain and swelling return, it’s a good idea come seek clinical treatment.

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When to do an appointment with one of our podiatrists

When house remedies don’t work, or you have actually recurring structure toenails, it’s time to schedule one appointment with us. Her podiatrist at Arlington/Mansfield Foot & fish eye Centers can determine what’s leading to the recurring structure toenail and treat the accordingly.

If you have actually diabetes or a condition that causes negative circulation in your feet, you have a greater risk because that an ingrown toenail coming to be a serious clinical problem. It’s especially important that you don’t wait to seek medical attention. Left untreated, an structure toenail can lead to an infection or an abscess on your toe that might require operation intervention. Or the infection have the right to spread into the bone in her toe.

How a podiatrist treats her ingrown toenail

After careful examination and also talking to you about your as whole health and also wellness, her podiatrist may be able to carefully lift your toenail to different the nail from the skin. This help your pond grow over the skin rather of right into it.

In more severe cases, her doctor may need to remove some or every one of your toenail. If necessary, her podiatrist may use a local anesthetic come numb your toe and remove the nail and also a little area that skin that’s contributing to the problem.

To act the infection, you may need to usage a object antibiotic or take it one orally.

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If you’re susceptible to structure toenails or foot infections, your medical professional will talk about preventive approaches to minimize troubles for friend in the long term.

If you’re concerned around an ingrown toenail coming to be a an ext serious health complication, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation at among our offices in Arlington or Mansfield, Texas. Click the “book online” button or contact us to gain the medical attention you require in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.