Are friend ugly? Thobuzzpatterson.comands of people ask this every day. The comes together no surprise then, to uncover out that one of the most well-known questions gone into into our search bars on our phones to be ‘Am i Ugly?’

In fact, if you form “am I” right into Google, the an initial suggestion that is offered to you is “am i ugly?


Attitudes in the direction of appearance are one of the main reasons why people are being bullied. In fact, in Ditch the Label’s 2019 yearly Bullying Survey, 59% the young human being said the their appearance was the factor they were bullied.

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This is not a brand-new question. Unobtainable beauty beauty ideals have actually questioning ours self-worth, based upon our appearance, top top a day-to-day basis probably becabuzzpatterson.come the start of humanity.

For instance in old Greece, beauty standards were the men had actually to it is in buff and glossy, while women were viewed as many attractive when they had actually red hair and also a fuller-figured body. While throughout Victorian times, a pale challenge with rose cheeks was seen as the many ‘beautiful’. These ideals and also standards have adjbuzzpatterson.comted many times over the past 1000s that years.

In 2013, a YouTube tendency emerged dubbed “Am ns Ugly or Pretty?” whereby, teenager girls uploaded videos that themselves asking viewers precisely that. Following this, the web answered the question in every its force and also pulled no punches.

Even in 2022, these inquiries are often asked on areas such together Instagram, Reddit and TikTok.


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This inquiry is one the matters and also is something the nearly every one of will certainly ask ourselves at some suggest during our lives.

So, stop answer it!

Are you ugly or pretty?

Am i ugly due to the fact that people store saying it to me?

No, the risk is once you are dubbed ugly sufficient times you start to believe it can be true.

Am ns ugly since I’m single?

No, you room not solitary becabuzzpatterson.come you are ugly, and also being in a partnership doesn’t do you beautiful.

Am ns ugly becabuzzpatterson.come I save thinking around it?

No, for this reason please stop telling yourself you are, our thoughts very quickly end up being our reality.

Am ns ugly due to the fact that I was dumped?

No, girlfriend were no dumped becabuzzpatterson.come you are ugly, the connection ended and also that’s yes sir – give yourself some time and an are to heal.

Am i ugly becabuzzpatterson.come I’m feather different?

No, your body is jbuzzpatterson.comt transforming and you space still growing into it.

Am i ugly since I have poor skin?

No, having bad skin does no make you unattractive and is completely normal.

Am ns ugly since I don’t look together pretty together a model?

No, the ok to no look favor a model. Transforms out they room the jbuzzpatterson.comt ones the do and they make up a teeny tiny amount of the population.

Am ns ugly becabuzzpatterson.come I’m big?

No, your dress size does not recognize your beauty, instance in point: tress Holiday.

Am i ugly since my friends save saying so?

No, they space telling you that since they space scared that they aren’t good enough and also have their very own fears of being ugly, this doesn’t need to be your fear as well.

Am ns ugly becabuzzpatterson.come I feeling it?

No, your self-esteem has jbuzzpatterson.comt gotten a little too low and needs rebuilding, have actually a look at our support guide for advice on jbuzzpatterson.comt how to start rebuilding your self-confidencehere.

Am i ugly contrasted to everyone else?

No, once we to compare ourselves we always come off emotion worse, to to compare is to despair so stop comparing.

Am ns ugly due to the fact that I to be fat?

No, your weight is how much your body physically weighs full stop. Every single object, mineral, plant or animal on this planet has actually a weight. It is what as human beings equate v this number that pressures to attach beauty v weight. There is no such thing as a ‘beautiful weight’ or one ‘ugly weight.’ there is a healthy and balanced weight and that is for everyone.

Am i ugly since I was rejected?

No, everyone experiences rejection in all its ache forms and it does no make friend unattractive. Trying to find ways to resolve rejection?

Am i ugly?

No, even if you have actually never ever before felt anything yet ugly your entirety life best up until now that is still not proof that you are. Here’s the mystery and i know due to the fact that I am talking from experience, jbuzzpatterson.comt like happiness the is all an within job. So if you want to start an altering how you feel we have some advice to assist you start here.

So does that answer the concern of your attractiveness? due to the fact that there is no answer. We deserve to never tell what is ‘ugly’ and what is ‘beautiful’ becabuzzpatterson.come the definition of these terms has been changing since we very first started connecting with one another.

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Ifyouaren’t feeling good about her appearance right now and also need someone to talk to, Ditch the label is below for you. Join our community and talk to here.