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by default, you"ll watch the critical time your contacts provided WhatsApp. WhatsApp; wilhelm Antonelli/Insider

If friend don"t view one, you may have actually been clogged — although the user might have just disabled the attribute on your account.

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You don"t check out a contact"s new profile picture

If someone blocks you and also then changes their profile picture, friend won"t view the brand-new profile picture — you"ll constantly see everything the picture was when you acquired blocked.

This way that there isn"t a definite means to phone call if they"re updating your profile picture. Yet if you know this call updated their photo often, and also now they"ve unexpectedly stopped, that"s a sign that you"ve been blocked.

Your messages only show one checkmark

WhatsApp offers checkmark icons to track her messages. One checkmark symbol alongside your message method it"s to be sent, while two checkmarks median that it"s been received.

When you message someone who"s blocked you, that second checkmark won"t ever show up. If you"re linked to the internet and your message still never ever gets delivered, there"s a good chance the you"re blocked.


The 2nd checkmark won"t show up next to messages you"ve sent out to a call that"s clogged you. Steven John/Business Insider

Your calls will certainly fail

Similarly, you won"t have the ability to call anyone that"s clogged you either. As soon as you try, the call won"t go through.

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You can"t include the contact to a WhatsApp group

Finally, shot to encompass the call in a WhatsApp group. If you obtain a article saying you aren"t permitted to add them to her group, that"s the surest sign that you to be blocked.

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