Maybe you’re still in the new phase that breastfeeding. Her baby is latching, things space going well… but then all of sudden something doesn’t it seems to be ~ right. You’re worried around how come tell if her milk it is provided is dry up.

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If you’ve been really excited about breastfeeding, it can be terrible to think that it could not work out. You want answers, fast.

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A few days later, her boobs got substantial and absent hard. And also it hurt. Her milk was coming in, and also your breasts were engorged. However you kept nursing and also powered through.

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After a few days, thank goodness, your breasts resolved down. They’re quiet a little bit bigger 보다 they to be before, but they aren’t painful and also other than having to smack your partner’s hands away from them, they’re not causing too lot trouble.

But around 3 mainly in, something changes. Your baby is fussy. She’s parenting constantly. She’s not sleeping well.

And you’re having actually trouble too. Girlfriend can’t also go 2 hours without her baby begging come eat, and you’re exhausted. On height of that, her breasts have acquired softer. Has your milk dried up in ~ 3 weeks?!

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Now you’re worried. Too ~ Aunt Sally says topping your baby off with formula, just to make sure she’s not hungry, but you’re heartbroken. You really want to make breastfeeding work.

What’s happening?

Signs of a growth spurt

Believe the or not, every little thing you’re experiencing is most likely perfectly normal. What might seem favor symptoms of your milk dry up is more than likely your infant going v her first growth spurt.

During a growth spurt, her baby will certainly eat much an ext often 보다 usual. She’ll likely be more fussy and also not sleep together well.

At the very same time, her body is adjusting to the lot of milk she needs. While you to be overproducing at the beginning (hence the engorgement), you’re now making the “correct” amount. You’re less complete of milk, so her breasts space softer. This is a great thing!

You don’t have actually to worry that you’re running out of milk. Together my lactation consultant girlfriend says, “Breasts aren’t a bucket, they’re a river. There’s constantly some milk in there.”

Just wait out the situation for a few days. Her baby will be fussy and eat constantly for two or 3 days, and a work or so later on she’ll sleep extra. That’s a good indication that the expansion spurt is over.

And ~ that, you might end up v some engorgement again! your breasts were functioning overtime to store up with the expansion spurt, yet once your baby’s requirements go ago to normal, your breasts naturally cut back on the amount of milk they make.

While it have the right to vary a little, growth spurts usually occur at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. If her baby to be born a few weeks early, this time frames might shift to reflect she “due date age.”

The first few growth spurts in ~ 3 weeks and 6 weeks can be confusing, specifically for first-time moms. The mix of increased need with softer breasts have the right to be worrisome if friend don’t recognize what come expect!

Other reasons for a short drop in supply

There’s a few more reasons you may see a dive in supply that will come earlier in a few days.

Your period is about to start

Is your cycle about to start? your supply is likely to dive a couple of days before your period, but it bumps earlier up when you start (And yes, this it is provided dip deserve to happen before that an initial period the you don’t understand is coming).

You’ve taken cold medicine

Have girlfriend taken an antihistamine or sleep decongestant? these drugs have the right to decrease it is provided (NOTE: Be mindful to protect against antihistamines or nasal decongestants in the future, as acquisition them too commonly can permanently drop her supply).

You’re pregnant

Repeat ~ me: Breastfeeding is no a 100% effective type of bear control. Breastfeeding is a 98% effective kind of birth manage for the an initial six months IF your period hasn’t returned and also IF you space feeding every 3-4 hours during the day and also every 4-6 hours at night. Trust me, I got pregnant when breastfeeding 3 times.

Sometime roughly the end of your first trimester, her supply will begin to dwindle.

These space NOT signs that her milk supply is drying up

Here are symptoms the women commonly fear mean a decrease in supply. If these things room happening, lock don’t typical that her supply is dropping.

Softening breasts

Softening breasts simply way that your body is adjusting to the correct amount to feed your baby. They execute NOT typical that miscellaneous is wrong with your supply.

In addition, friend can also have a perfectly fine it is provided without leaky breasts. Mine leak for the first couple of months, yet after that, ns rarely have actually leaking.

Fussy baby

Especially throughout growth spurts (or the dreaded purple crying step from 6-12 weeks), sometimes babies simply cry. The doesn’t average you’ve excellent something wrong.

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Poor pump output

If you’re worried around supply, friend might shot to pump milk to make sure there’s part in there. Yet when you pump, girlfriend don’t gain much out!

This walk not mean you’re no producing. Plenty of women don’t respond well to chest pumps and simply release much less milk because that a pump 보다 for their child.