Egg salad can cause quite the debate. Civilization have strong opinions around this economical and high-protein sandwich filling, and also their feelings can be nice extreme; just examine out this Reddit thread. Posters one of two people love it or hate it. 

Egg salad in sandwiches formally made their debut in 1910 in a New York Times article that discussed two gibbs on a collection eating fried egg salad sandwiches (via ifoodtv). The idea yes, really took flight as deviled egg soared in popularity. If you can boil an egg, slice it, and also mix that up v mayonnaise, mustard, salt, and also pepper, why not placed that same mixture in a sandwich? 

Today, egg salad is appreciated on that own, through lettuce, or piled high on height a item of toast. But leave it to Martha Stewart, the lifestyle queen and media mogul, to action up the egg salad game and create a cooking recipes that will certainly turn even the many ardent hater into, well, at the very least a liker egg salad. After ~ all, Stewart is popular for share tips and tricks to do homemaking easier and better, i m sorry is why you could want to provide her egg salad cooking recipes a chance. 

What"s so an excellent about Stewart"s recipe? 

The ingredients for Martha Stewart's egg salad

The genius the Stewart"s recipe is really its simplicity, coupled through the opportunity to placed your own note on the salad, and also customize it to your own taste. The recipe is pretty basic, i beg your pardon is kind of the idea. It"s an ext of a road map. The recipe starts v 8 peeled, hard boiled eggs that are coarsely chopped.

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Next, chop up some celery, add the eggs, some mayo, Dijon mustard, hot sauce for a bit of a kick, salt and also pepper, and start mashing. Stewart offers a pastry cutter to mash up her eggs and also blend the salad all together, however if you don"t have actually one the those on hand, you can simply slice up your eggs with a knife and use a fork come mash all the ingredients with each other (via The Spruce Eats). Meanwhile, one point of contention amongst egg salad eaters is how tiny you slice or mash up her eggs. This is totally up to the eater (via The Kitchn).

While some can like egg salad no issue what the texture, others discover it unappealing once it"s as well runny. In fact, it"s a usual egg salad complaint. Of course, including too lot mayo is basic problem to deal with — just add more egg. Yet egg salad just gets watery the longer it sits, and also Oregon Live claims that one means to combat the is come make sure the egg aren"t overcooked to start with, come chill lock well before chopping, and to add in 1 tablespoon of really fine bread crumbs come the mix to soak up several of that liquid. The shouldn"t impact the taste, however it will certainly definitely help the textue.

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Looking to jazz up your egg salad a small more, and also show turn off your very own food personality? Stewart recommends including in sliced black olives, chopped fresh parsley, chopped new chives, walnut pieces, chopped dill pickles, or capers to save it interesting, and also to include to the texture and also flavor of the salad.