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If girlfriend looked very closely you have the right to tell that the eye line up in a spiral. My father closely cuts far at the eyes, making V-shaped trenches together he rotates about the pineapple to remove them.

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When the pineapple is all all set to go, you have the right to slice that in rounds or make lengthwise cuts to make spears or chunks.

exactly how to phone call a Pineapple Is Ripe

The best method to tell that a pineapple is ripe is to choose it up and smell the from the bottom. If that smells choose sweet, fresh pineapple juice, it's ripe.

If the doesn't odor of pineapple, it isn't ripe. If it smells fermented, it's over-ripe.

A ripe pineapple need to be firm, not soft, and also the leaves must look fresh, not dried out. The pineapple can be green, golden, or a mix, that doesn't matter. What problem is the smell.

Contrary come a usual misperception, pineapples do not proceed to ripen once picked. They will certainly get more golden, and an ext soft, yet the sugars will certainly not continue to develop after they"re picked. (See Hawaiian Crown and Dole posts on this.)

Pineapples should be eaten soon after ~ they're bought. If you should store them, keep them in the refrigerator; they'll save longer.

Pineapple Rounds are a great Treat for children

My father would slice the pineapple in rounds, offering each of united state forks come spear our own round in the challenging center.

It"s a pineapple pop!.Elise Bauer

Then we would certainly run outside, hold the pineapple ring on our fork, and eat that pineapple ring all about the sweet juicy edges (taking ours drippy chaos outside).

If all the rounds were accounted because that (there were six of us kids), and also we were still desperate for more pineapple, we would nibble top top the difficult core until whatever was eaten.

These days most civilization (sometimes me included) don't bother v the spiral cuts, they simply make deeper cuts at first to cut off the pineapple skin and the eye together.

If you are rushed for time girlfriend can conveniently do that. However the much edges are the ideal part, particularly if the pineapple is tho a little green.

So here's my dad's method of cutting a pineapple, if you desire to take it a couple extra minute to extract more of the juicy bits.

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Place the pineapple top top its side on a cutting board. V a sharp chef's knife, slice off the top environment-friendly crown and around a half inch of the optimal of the pineapple.