Most, if not all, society media platforms are a one-to-many model, an interpretation businesses, brands and also individuals connect with their entire audience in ~ once. But when it comes to building an ext personal relationships v your followers, this one-to-many strategy might not be enough.

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As one of the largest one-to-many social media platforms, Twitter moves very quickly and it’s pretty basic to acquire lost in the conversation. That’s whereby Twitter direct messages (DMs) come in to facilitate much more detailed one-on-one conversations.

What is a DM top top Twitter?

DM just stands for straight message, or messages sent via Twitter that are private in between you and the recipient and do not show up on your feed.

The abbreviation has spread to numerous other platforms and channels as a way to express to exclusive messages.

Twitter DMs are a private mode of communication used to begin one-on-one conversations with anyone who adheres to you on Twitter. DMs can additionally be sent to human being who don’t monitor you just if they have opted in to get DMs from anyone on the communication or if you’ve previously direct messaged that person.

Twitter DMs offered to be minimal to 140 characters, similar to public Tweets (which are now 280 characters). But Twitter increased the character border of direct Messages to 10,000 in august 2015. Now, users can likewise send pictures, videos, GIFs and also emojis via DM.

How to send a Twitter DM

It’s basic to learn just how to DM in Twitter’s interface. Come send a DM once using the web app, situate the envelope icon on the best side of her Twitter profile.


Then click the “New Message” button and also select the profile you desire to straight message.


Or, native mobile, select the envelop “Messages” switch at the bottom that the screen. Likewise, you deserve to just navigate come the Twitter profile you wish to message and also click the exact same envelope button.


Sending and also monitoring DMs on Twitter is even much more streamlined when you’re using a society media monitoring platform favor Sprout Social. With Sprout, every one of your society interactions—DMs included—go straight into her Smart Inbox. Indigenous there, friend can pick exactly exactly how you want to answers or entrust the article to someone rather in her organization.


Now let’s dive deeper right into the times once sending a private Twitter DM can work come your advantage as a marketer. We’ll likewise give you some tips and tricks regarding how you have the right to use Sprout society to combine Twitter DMs right into your society media marketing strategy.

When and also why to send a DM ~ above Twitter

There are certain instances once it provides sense because that brands and also businesses come send a DM on Twitter. Direct messaging is a powerful tool in a brand’s ability to develop relationships v customers.

Sometimes responding publicly to a Tweet can not be ideal depending top top the context or contents of the Tweet, like as soon as you have to follow-up ~ above a customer business issue with exclusive order details.

Social marketers must be familiar with the finest practices that both windy Tweets and also private DMs therefore they have the right to seamlessly control conversations wherever audiences and customers can best be served.

Taking a Twitter conversation indigenous public come private

If you’re running a Twitter account because that a business, make certain that her Twitter direct Message settings enable anyone to message you, even if you room not shared followers. Carry out this by navigating to “Settings and privacy.” Under the “Privacy and also safety” tab, scroll under to the direct Messages area and also select package that allows you come receive straight Messages indigenous anyone. This deserve to ultimately help you in the lengthy run, as soon as customers want to go right to the resource rather than Tweeting the end publicly.


Twitter DMs for customer support

The Sprout society Index™, execution XVII: Accelerate found that society media is consumers’ wanted channel of an option for customer company inquiries and sharing feedback about a product or service. Therefore it’s crucial that your brand or company knows how to handle customer service requests on all social media platforms.

Often, a Twitter user could tag or point out your account with an concern or post you directly. Once they mention your brand in a public tweet, us recommend acknowledging the tweet publicly with a rapid message asking the user come send girlfriend a DM. Together with prompting a follow-up blog post from the customer, this renders it clear to other followers that you’re addressing this issue privately and not ignoring the Tweet. As soon as in the DM, you can ask lock for an ext information that will help resolve their issue.

Hey, Marji! We're happy to help. Have the right to you shoot united state a DM v the email associated with your account for this reason we can escalate this v our team?

— Sprout social (
In part cases, a follower could be questioning a concern that you think might be advantageous to your entire timeline, and also responding to that Tweet publicly can additionally potentially prize that inquiry for other followers.

Hello, please use this attach for actions to troubleshoot a blank screen showing up while using your Xbox One console.

— Xbox support (
However, if the Tweet is about something certain to that follower or has sensitive information, that’s as soon as you desire to move the conversation into the DMs. Questioning the user to send you a DM with much more information or DM them yourself. And because Twitter DMs aren’t restricted by a personality count, it renders it easier to communicate and also troubleshoot the issue.

HeadspaceHelp v your account email address we would be happy come look into this because that you.

— Headspace (
If you use a society media administration tool favor Sprout Social, it’s even easier to switch to straight Messages. When you have actually configured your settings on Twitter to permit anyone to DM her business, girlfriend will watch an choice in Sprout come “Switch come DM” in her Twitter reply window.

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Also by making use of Sprout, you deserve to make the even easier for the user come send friend a DM. When you respond come a Tweet from in ~ the Sprout Dashboard, girlfriend can add a button to the Tweet that enables the user to directly DM, as presented in among the examples above. Once they click the button, it will certainly redirect them come a direct Message page and also auto-populate her profile come the receiver bar.


After the customer business interaction is over, you can send a follow-up DM to conference feedback on the customer’s experience.

Sprout’s client Feedback tool leverages Twitter DMs as a means to conference feedback from customers who got support ~ above Twitter. It provides the customer through a feedback survey whereby they can privately re-publishing feedback around their customer organization experience on the platform.

Once you start monitoring your Twitter mentions, you can start to anticipate the species of questions and comments the come in many frequently. Save time top top the response procedure by creating argued Replies in Sprout because that incoming messages that are simply one click away.


Enhance Twitter DM conversations with chatbots

Twitter individuals who are coming to her brand v a customer service question or worry may not always know what come expect as soon as they open up a DM conversation. You deserve to make the experience more inviting by making use of chatbots to aid steer conversations in a familiar way.

Welcome message greet brand-new followers via straight Message and also are a an excellent way to make a stellar very first impression and raise brand awareness. Utilizing Sprout’s Bot Builder, you can automate this process by setup up a Twitter Bot that automatically sends a welcome message to customers as quickly as they open up a straight Message chat. Entrust the chatbot specific rules and permissions and also it will send pre-determined messages to pendant who accomplish the criteria.


Beyond welcoming them with a an easy “hello” try to include value within that initial message. This message can shape her future relationship, so make it something memorable. A few ways to do this message an ext engaging room to ask castle a question, include a connect to a current blog post or video clip or send castle a distinct offer.


When new followers feel choose they’re no just an additional face in the crowd, they’re much more likely to connect with her brand and begin the partnership with a hopeful interaction.

Lead generation v Twitter DMs

If someone follows you top top Twitter, it’s reasonable come assume that they space interested in her brand. However, just due to the fact that they’re a follower, doesn’t mean that they’re ready to buy. Twitter DMs deserve to work as a means to heat up leads, i beg your pardon you have the right to monitor and also reference ago in her CRM Tool.

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Sprout’s CRM tools let your sales and also marketing teams store track of every potential leads the come with social media, consisting of Twitter. Seeing all of your follower task in one ar makes it much easier to identify and nurture warmth leads.

how do you pm on twitter