A request is once we asking someone because that something. Since we space asking someone because that help, that is crucial to be polite.We have to avoid being too direct.

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Here are instances of being too direct:“I desire help.”“Pass me the salt.”“Can you lug my bag?”


These questions are all correct English however they room too direct. These are not polite requests. They room in fact quite rude. Human being will it is in offended due to the fact that they will think the you are giving them orders.

In this lesson, friend will discover several approaches to do a polite request. The first couple of examples room to be used in spoken English. The last example is for composed English.

Polite requests in spoken English

Could girlfriend .. ?

Form: could you + base kind of verb ….. ?

Examples:Could you carry my bags?Could you provide me part advice?Could you carry these boxes?

We can include “possibly” to it is in even more polite. We placed “possibly” in between “Could you” and the verb.

Example:Could friend possibly host my drink?

Would girlfriend mind .. ?

Form:Would girlfriend mind + ing form of verb … ?

Examples:Would friend mind transferring my bags?Would you mind giving me some advice?Would friend mind helping me?Would friend mind taking my photograph?

I wonder if you could .. ?

Form: i wonder if you could + base form of verb … ?

Examples:I wonder if you might mind mine bag?I wonder if you could give me part advice?I wonder if friend could aid me?

We can include “possibly” to be even more polite:I wonder if you could possibly take me come the airport?


Negative declaration with question tags

A explain is a typical sentence. That is not a question. Us can add question tags come a an unfavorable statement to transform the negative into a question. This is an extremely formal English and it’s wonderful way to ask someone something politely.

There are several means of law this:

Form: friend couldn’t + base type of verb … + can you?

Example:You couldn’t aid me, could you?

Form:You wouldn’t + base kind of verb … + would you?

Example:You wouldn’t take me to the airport, would you?

Form:I don’t suppose you can + base type of verb … + could you?

Example:I don’t mean you could clean the bathroom, might you?

Polite inquiry in written English

Here is a good expression for formal emails and also letters:

Form:I would certainly be thankful if you can + base kind of verb …

Example:I would be grateful if you could send me her price list.

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We can include “most” to it is in even an ext polite:

Example:I would be most grateful if you could send me the reports.

Notice the these are not questions. They are affirmative statements. Therefore, perform NOT write a question mark at the end. (?)