Here space a couple of quick and simple tips to remember once you sell on Craigslist, even for beginners!

I’ve had actually a most experience gift an online seller.

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And i think you will do it agree through me, that not constantly easy being a Craigslist seller.

It have the right to be very hard to have actually successful Craigslist sales, however, this overview will offer you a couple of detailed needle to help put some cash in your pockets.

And stop be honest, that feels good selling item on Craigslist because that cash.

10 2nd Craigslist seller summary:

How to sell Stuff ~ above Craigslist

Go to Craigslist.orgChoose your closest city and stateBe clear that you only accept cash for a payment

1.Take clear Photos of her Product

Think about it:

Would you buy something online if that looked like crap?

Probably not.

So, before you perform an item, you will certainly obviously need a camera. Her smart phone’s camera would do the trick, too.

It is always best to encompass at least one snapshot of the actual item you are selling.

Make sure it is clean, and take a snapshot of the productby itself (not surrounding by clutter) native a few different angles.

Protip: Take pictures of any kind of accessories that may be included. Also, take pictures of any kind of obvious flaws or scratches, too. Doing therefore will help minimize inquiries from civilization asking about those details.


2. Choose Your best Product Photos

You deserve to use a most photos in her listing, so you should choose the best, many attractive photos the you take.

You should at least use one photo in her ad, but an ext is always much better since it provides buyers a clearer idea that what they will certainly be getting.

The an ext photos you incorporate in your ad, the more potential buyers you might receive.

3. Be honest in your Craigslist Listing

Here’s why:

Online buyers evaluate honesty indigenous sellers because there are a many misleading and also dishonest world out there.

If friend are moral in your ad with your listings and especially v your article photos, you will have happier buyers and also sell more successfully.

I indicate that girlfriend don’t use stock photos in her ads. If you usage a stock picture in your Craigslist ad, then potential buyers might think you space trying come hide something.

Protip: once I incorporate a stock photograph in one ad, I typically use it as the last photo so the buyer sees the real product first. That’s exactly how to offer on Craigslist.

4. Write Easy-to-Read Descriptions


This pointer seems quite obvious, but many world write descriptions with misspellings or they create descriptions for their stuff in all CAPS.

Titles and descriptions through a lot of misspelled words can make the person seem unintelligent, sloppy, or seem choose they don’t care around their seller listing.

Protip: If a Craigslist seller listing watch unprofessional, guess that won’t be contacting you? (Hint: A buyer!)

And title & descriptions in all caps is a revolve off come buyers because they are tough to read.

Many people might not also click an ad that has a location in every caps when they carry out a Craigslist search.

So, if you write a title and description in all caps and you don’t incorporate a picture of the items you are trying come sell, girlfriend will have a very difficult time do the efforts to discover a buyer for it.

5. Just how to usage Keywords pertinent to your Item

Here’s why:

The search box returns listings based upon the specific words typed into the find box. Craigslist’s search bar doesn’t job-related like other search engines.

For example, if you form and find “cars”, you will certainly get different results if friend only form “car”. If you find “ipod” vs. “ipods”, you will certainly get different results.

Protip: In her Craigslist seller description, friend will want to usage as numerous words as you have the right to to help describe the article you space listing. The an ext you talk around the product, the an ext you will naturally include relevant keywords in the description such as a color, produce date, etc.

The product’s brand name and also exact model numbers are great things to incorporate in her ad.

People might currently have a lawn mower, for example. They could need a instead of part, which would only fit their particular lawn mower.

That person can search for your lawn mower model to watch if something is obtainable on Craigslist.

6. Incorporate Lots the Details

Keep in mind, however, the you never know what or how civilization are searching, for this reason the much more details girlfriend include, the better chance friend will have to discover a buyer.


However, don’t just put a bunch of well-known keywords and also random design numbers in her Craigslist description if they don’t relate to your stuff you’re trying come sell.

Ads with a perform of unnecessary keywords (like the example here) will usually obtain flagged and deleted.

In mine experience:

Don’t try to affect the find results. Flaggers will notification and delete her ad.

And there room plenty of human being (especially in the Craigslist forums) that treat the website together if they very own it.

Follow the rules, and also you will save those people happy.

7. Incorporate a phone call Number for quicker Sales

It’s true:

A lot of of human being are skeptical around putting their phone number ~ above Craigslist.

However, I would guess 9 out of 10 (or more than likely closer to 10 out of 10) of my sales have actually come from human being calling me.

Protip: Most people that speak to are ready to buy. They don’t want to wait roughly for a job or an ext for a feasible email response from you.

It is also assuring to them to recognize there is a real person behind the product listed.

They deserve to ask questions and also you can easily make species to satisfy for the sale in real time.

Buyers that email seldom follow through for me.

I think the emailers space usually just world that think they want something, but really aren’t serious about buying.

8. Email Isn’t always the best Communication


A feasible buyersending an e-mail to an ad is usually very informal, therefore they don’t feel bad if they never follow through.

It’s constantly best to use your phone call number in an advertisement for quicker and much better results.

9. Have to I usage My actual Phone Number on Craigslist?

If you space skeptical about selling items utilizing your genuine phone number and taking phone calls once selling in her city, you could maybe usage your work phone number (if the Ok with your employer) or usage a second phone number such together a disposable cabinet phone.

You might also try using Google voice. Her city and also state will be there on the Craigslist seller listing, however you can remain anonymous.

10. Remove Your short article / Listing after ~ You sell the item on Craigslist

It is always good to remove your advertisement after someone buys the posted item.


It deserve to be frustrating for buyers that see your ad, then call you (or email) only to uncover out it has already been sold.

But store in mind:

As a Craigslist seller, you space not expected to take under the advertisement the minute you part ways with your buyer, especially since you will most likely be the end in a windy place.


You might not have access to the web to take under the advertisement that quickly.

But shot to take it it under as soon as you get earlier home come your computer system / laptop or eliminate it if you’re utilizing the Craigslist application on your phone.

When The article is Sold

After you meet the buyer and someone buys your item, don’t go earlier to the advertisement and upgrade it through “SOLD“.

That can be just as annoying for buyers to see as it is come call and also find the end the productis gone.

It’s true:

It is actually much faster to simply click and also delete the ad from Craigslist than it is to upgrade it letting world know it has actually been sold.

Taking down the ad is finest for Craigslist and you.

How to put These strategies & Techniques right into Action

Those are simply a few quick tips and also a couple of things to think about if you are going to sell on Craigslist without gaining scammed.

If you examine out the various other pages on this website or check out mine blog, i provide more helpful complimentary information.

And remember, always sell ~ above craigslist safely. Satisfy in a public location in your city. Don’t let strangers in your home or apartment.


Why to consider Batching your Items.

When learning just how to market on Craigslist, if who is looking for one item, countless times they’re looking for comparable products.

Best because that child and kid items like toys or clothes.Each point should have actually its own price.Be willing to offer them separately.

How to sell Your items in lots While remaining Safe

Selling stuff in a many is various from batching. A lot of is a swarm of items because that one price. You buy the totality bundle, no pieces.

Best for marketing clothing.The totality bundle is one price.You do not market separately.Better because that items the individually don’t have actually much value, yet are valuable as a bundle.

In this complete website guide, I provide you a full, in-depth look based on my experience staying safe through hundreds ofsuccessful transactions.


You will learn exactly how to appropriately fill out the form pictured over to offer your ingredient while additionally learning the safest means to offer on craigslist.

Why Cash is King When taking care of Prospective Buyers

And constantly remember, cash is king. the is always best to expropriate cash because that a transaction.

(Editor’s note: Please watch my purchase & marketing online throughout covid response and ideas around using cash.)

Some civilization may market to salary for things with a inspect or use Paypal.

Also, ns don’t recommend handling a buyer giving to pay v a credit card. They could just waste your time.

If over there is no cash, Venmo or a quick-pay alternative like chase Quickpay or Zelle are good options, too.

Why Craigslist Scams Are simple to Detect: Spammers and Scammers

If you are worried about scams, friend will an alert that many of the scams are really easy to detect and it is very easy to simply delete them and move on to a actual buyer.

Then once you are an ext comfortable with just how to sell on Craigslist, below is part info around avoiding Craigslist scams. Contact me if friend have any type of questions around how to market your stuff online.

Continue analysis here: Respecting Craigslist Etiquette

And be sure to check out mine blog for even much more info and also tips to effectively sell items on Craigslist.

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Did This Guide aid You offer Items ~ above Craigslist?

If mine tips aided you turn your stuff right into cash, be certain to send me an email. Ns would favor to hear about a successful Craigslist transactions.