The Arena that Liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17 "Now the mr is that Spirit: and also where the spirit of the lord is,there isliberty.")



Isa. 54:15

• when you desire court situations decided in your favor• when you have a court case• when you confront a dashboard which decides her fate• once you dream of gift convicted in a courtroom• when there is a conspiracy versus you and also you need God’s intervention.As friend pray this prayer points sincerely, God will reason the judge/magistrate to offer a referee that favors you.

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What shall us then speak to these thins? If God be for us, who have the right to be against us? He that spared no His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all; how shall he not v Him additionally freely give us every things? that shall place anything to the fee of oh my god elect? that is God the justifieth. Who is he the condemneth? that is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the appropriate hand of God, who likewise maketh intercession for us…Nay, in all these things we are an ext than conquerors v Him that loved us.Rom 8: 31-34, 37

The lord is mine light and also my salvation; whom shall i fear? The mr is the strength of my life, of whom shall i be afraid? when the wicked, also mine enemies and also my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, castle stumbled and fell.Psalm 27:1-2

For the lord God will help me; therefore shall I no be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and also I recognize that i shall not be ashamed.Isa. 50:7

As it is written; Behold, i lay in Sion a stumbling store and rock the offence: and also whosoever believeth on that shall not be ashamed.Rom. 9:33

But the mr is v me as a mighty devastating one: because of this my persecutors chandelier stumble, and also they shall no prevail: lock shall be considerably ashamed; because that they shall no prosper: their everlasting confusion shall be greatly ashamed; because that they shall no prosper: your everlasting confusion shall never ever be forgotten.Jer. 20:11

There are numerous devices in a masculine heart; nonetheless the counsel the the LORD, that shall stand.Prov. 19:21

He disappointeth the tools of the crafty, so that their hands cannot carry out their enterprise.Job 5:12

The king’s love is in the hand of the LORD, together the rivers that water: that turneth that whithersoever that will.Prov. 21:1

The planet is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and also they that dwell therein. For He hath started it ~ above the seas, and established the upon the floods.Psalm 24: 1-2

NOTE: this prayers will certainly only job-related for those who space on the right path that justice. It will certainly not work for purposes that are unscriptural. However, one ignorant offender may find help from utilizing the prayers.


1. Thank you Lord, because you space the mr of hosts and also the man of war.2. I insurance claim victory over every devil in this court case, in the surname of Jesus.3. I bind and paralyze the strongman to work or delegated to disgrace me, in the name of Jesus.4. Let every the work of my life it is in too warm for any type of evil strength to manipulate, in the name of Jesus.5. Lord, approve me and also my lawyer supernatural wisdom come subdue all opposition.6. Lord, let that be impossible for my adversary to subdue the fact in this matter, in the name of Jesus.7. Lord, allow me find favor in the vision of those who are responsible because that judging this case.8. I close every negative door the the enemy can want come open, utilizing this case, in the surname of Jesus.9. Girlfriend satanic agents, ns command you to clear out from the pathway come my success in this matter, in the name of Jesus.10. Ns cancel any type of demonic decision and also expectation concerning this case, in the surname of Jesus.11. Father, make it feasible for me to find favor in the sight of the judge, in the surname of Jesus.12. Lord, allow me discover favor, compassion and loving-kindness v the jury, in the name of Jesus.13. Let every the demonic obstacles that have actually been established in the love of anyone versus my prosperity be destroyed, in the surname of Jesus.14. Let every the demonic obstacles that have actually been established in the heart of anyone versus my prosperity it is in destroyed, in the surname of Jesus.15. Lord, provide all the parties concerned, dreams, visions and also restlessness the would advance my cause.16. Ns command my money being caged by the foe to be totally released, in the name of Jesus.17. I bind and also put to flight all the spirits of fear, anxiety and also discouragement, in the surname of Jesus.18. Lord, let magnificent wisdom loss upon all who space supporting me in these matters.19. Ns break the backbone the the spirits of conspiracy and treachery, in the name of Jesus.20. Lord, hammer mine matter right into the mental of those that will assist me so the they perform not experience from demonic lose of memory.21. I paralysis the handiwork of household enemies and also envious agents in this matter, in the name of Jesus.22. Girlfriend devil, take her leg away from the top of my finances, in the mighty surname of Jesus.23. Permit the fire the the divine Spirit purge my life from any evil note put upon me, in the surname of Jesus.24. Let the lord confuse the tongues that those gathered to execute me harm, after the order of the building contractors of the Tower the Babel, in the surname of Jesus.25. Let mine adversaries make mistakes that will breakthrough my cause, in the name of Jesus.26. Ns command every angry power and vessel sitting on mine rights and also goodness to be violently overthrown, in the name of Jesus.27. I pursue, overtake and also recover my nature from the hand of spiritual Egyptians, in the surname of Jesus.28. Allow every counsel, plan, desire, expectation, imagination, an equipment and activity of the enemy against this case be rendered null and also void, in the name of Jesus.29. I terminate every journey right into bondage and also unfruitfulness designed because that me by the enemies of my soul, in the name of Jesus.30. I tie every money-consuming demon attached to mine finances, in the surname of Jesus.31. I refuse to it is in tossed around by any kind of demonic an equipment of the adversary to hold-up my miracle, in the name of Jesus.32.

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Holy Spirit, teach me to stop unfriendly friends and also unprofitable transactions, in the name of Jesus.33. Let all my blessing presently in the prison of the enemy start to pursue me and overtake me as from today, in the name of Jesus.Begin to say thanks to God for the victory.