BOERNE/D"HANIS, Texas – We’ve logged hundreds of miles informing the stories behind towns and how they received their names. This time, us opted to speak to occupants of communities that are regularly mispronounced. While there were countless to choose from, our very first choice to be Boerne, just out I-10 from san Antonio.

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"They always say "Born," Texas. Every time,” Boerne resides Casey Barthel said.

"You"d be surprised,” Boerne keep owner Linda Crane said. “Some the the people from san Antonio don"t know just how to express it.”

Those from the end of town regularly mispronounce the name, according to Boerne residents.

"We phone call people, "Weekend at Bernie’s" or Bernie. That"s exactly how you express it. It’s spelled oddly,” said Larry Woods, director of the Boerne Visitors and also Convention Bureau.

The factor behind the exciting vowel framework is because of the town’s German heritage.

"Ludwig Boerne to be the gentleman the town was named after, and also oddly enough, he never ever came here,” Woods said.


The town is so regularly mispronounced the the Boerne Visitors and also Convention Bureau opted to use it to your advantage. They put out a promotional video clip making fun of its distinctive spelling to attract visitors to the Hill nation community.


Meanwhile, D’Hanis, around an hour come the west, is yet an additional town frequently mispronounced. Just how often?

"Only every day,” claimed Bob Stewart, a resides of D’Hanis for 30 years.

D’HAN-is, D’HON-is and D’HAN-us are all usual mispronunciations.

"We say it D’-HEN-is and we always tell people, it’s like a hen,” 40-year D’Hanis resident Linda Arnold said.

D’Hanis is well-known for that is bricks and rich history. It to be one of plenty of towns cleared up by Henri Castro and it was named after one of his employees, william D"Hanis.

According to the history books, the beginnings of the town room French, so the was initially pronounced D’Ha-nee.

"Over the years, it’s to be mispronounced, and also now they speak D’HEN-is," Arnold said.


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