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One that the naval Corps" best bases is Camp Lejeune (luh-JUNE) in north Carolina. However for years, many people have to be mispronouncing the base"s name. The household of Lt. Gen. Man Lejeune, whom the basic was named for, states luh-JERN. Currently there"s quiet relocate in the military to exactly the pronunciation.


There"s a long-running debate at a marine Corps basic in north Carolina. We"re not talking about the dispute over the policy in Afghanistan. It"s around pronunciation.


Just the sort of point that end up taking in precious minute of ours day below in the newsroom.

NORRIS: The huge question in that dispute is this: carry out you to speak Camp Lejeune or Camp Lejerne(ph)?

Here"s Catherine Welch, indigenous member station WHQR, to sort this every out.

CATHERINE WELCH: Scour naval Corps history, and you"d be hard-pressed to uncover a tougher, more accomplished naval than general John Archer Lejeune. He fought in people War I and also later, as the 13th commandant, the rescued the naval Corps from losing its capability to hit on both land and at sea - a actual Marine"s Marine.

Mr. PATRICK BRENT (Former Marine-Freelance Journalist): This male saved the marine Corps.

WELCH: That"s Patrick Brent, a previous Marine.

Mr. BRENT: The whole Marine Corps, all the tasks associated, would unquestionably no exist had he no existed.

WELCH: Brent is currently a freelance journalist who was working on a story around how come say basic Lejeune"s name as soon as he realized that just around everyone mispronounces it. For this reason he teamed increase with an additional former Marine, George Barros(ph), and also started a movement to get human being to stop calling the Camp Lejeune and also start calling that Camp Lejerne. They talked with peak brass, put up billboards, also made ball caps.

Mr. GEORGE BARROS (Former Marine): My cap says: through respect, Lejerne. They see my hat and also they say, whats the for? and also then i tell them. And also they speak why? to speak there"s no R in it.

WELCH: That"s the problem. There"s no R in the name. It looks prefer Lejeune yet it"s pronounce Lejerne. And Barros states when general Lejeune and his era passed away off, human being didnt watch an R.

Mr. BARROS: It to be Lejerne below up till the middle "60s, and then it simply went come pot. If i can obtain these rednecks down here to speak Lejerne, we got it made.

WELCH: Barros might think all he needs to do is get civilians off base to protect against saying Lejeune, but he"s walk to have to put in some work on base. Thats wherein I request a few Marines having lunch in ~ the commissary a an easy question: their name, rank, and also where they to be based.

Corporal BLACKMAN: Corporal Blackman. Im with third Marine unique Operations Battalion, Camp Lejeune, north Carolina.

Gunnery Sergeant DONALD J. JONES: Gunnery Sergeant Donald J. Jones in ~ Camp Lejeune.

WELCH: Both that those Marines speak they know it"s Lejerne, yet Gunnery Sergeant Jones says old habits are tough to break.

GSgt. JONES: some of the more recent Marines, they contact it Lejerne reason thats just how they"ve been introduced to it. Some of us larger Marines, we still have the poor habit the calling the Lejeune, reason we"ve been below for 16 or 18 years.

WELCH: throughout the commissary, Gunnery Sergeant wilhelm Gorman is finishing his baked chicken.

Where are you based?

Gunnery Sergeant wilhelm GORMAN: Camp Lejerne, north Carolina.

WELCH: What do people say to you as soon as they hear the means you express it?

GSgt. GORMAN: Some will certainly correct me. Part will understand the suitable pronunciation.

WELCH: Now, what if somebody that ranks reduced than you calls that Lejeune?

GSgt. GORMAN: He it s okay corrected.

WELCH: What if somebody who ranks higher than friend calls the Lejeune?

GSgt. GORMAN: It might be mentioned.

WELCH: This is just how the naval Corps desires the adjust to happen, from the Marine"s top general on under to the previous base commander, Colonel Richard Flatau, who claims the Lejerne pronunciation has actually a much better chance of sticking through respect.

Colonel RICHARD FLATAU (Commanding Officer, base Camp Lejeine): we didnt gain this way, friend know, overnight, and also we"re no going to revolve it roughly overnight.

WELCH: whether it will take time or orders, nobody ns spoke with can say for sure what that would take to get human being both on and also off basic to change the way they speak the name.

For buzzpatterson.com News, im Catherine Welch at Camp Lejeune - at Camp Lejerne, phibìc Carolina.

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