Do you know what a gyro is? have you had actually a gyro before? If your answer is "of course," climate I"m glad we"re top top the same web page here. The being said, have actually you ever second guessed the way you pronounced gyro? execute you speak guys-whoa, guy-roll, why-go, hi-hos, gwy-ro, or perhaps ga-hee-ro? Well, anyhow, we are about to teach you how to pronounce gyro.

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The Age-old Battle

Victoria Romulo

If girlfriend have proactively participated in this debate, which has actually lasted because that as lengthy as gyro have actually existed, you"re no alone. In fact, Jimmy Fallon, the organize of "The this evening Show," has already taken the concern to national television. What"s an ext (you"ve guessed it), is the he"s made it right into a music video, i m sorry I"m sure just shows just how serious he is around getting this matter straight. 

Personally, I"ve always called the jai-roe without ever before doubting myself. What provided me the confidence? The reality that everyone about me pronounces the the precise same way. 

net Supatravanij

So, is Jimmy Fallon right and also I"m wrong? Apparently, just among the English speakers, there are also those who speak to it guy-row, gee-row, geero, and euro. Inevitably, people"s pronunciation may be different relying on the region.

Many U.S. Greeks say yee-ro, which natives don"t totally agree with, either. To fix this long-lasting mystery, we would have to talk come a actual Greek.

YEE-ros vs. YEE-ree

So what"s the real way to pronounce gyro? Yep, this can be counterintuitive, but according come Josh gateways of the take trip Channel, "gyros" is actually the singular form, and is pronounce YEE-ros. If one gyro isn"t enough, then you would say that you desire a pair of gyri, or YEE-ree.


If you haven"t heard of the King Kong chain, it"s a fast food restaurant the serves everything from burgers and steaks to phillies and also gyros. Here"s one of their previous commercials:

I understand the advertisement looks choose it to be made 20 years ago, but did you capture how they said gyro in the video? If not, here"s a second one:

So, looks choose it"s YEE-ros, indeed!


Next time i order Greek food indigenous an American restaurant, i will probably still stick through saying jai-roe. If it is an really Greek restaurant, then i may provide YEE-ros a try.

Helena Lin

Regardless, why does the matter? It"s an excellent to learn about different cultures and languages and also the real way to express gyro, but call it "the-Greek-pita-bread-wrap" if you like. It"s your enthusiasm for food that really counts!

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