Although many editorial layouts don’t call for a entry for religious works, MLA 8 style does. Follow this MLA scriptures citation examples to see exactly how it is done. This method not just do you location parenthetical or in-text citations within your paper, however you likewise include a equivalent entry top top your works cited page.

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MLA bible Citation Format

Refer come these simple formats to cite biblical referrals in your MLA citations.

Works quote Format

Title of the Bible, Version. Editor, Publisher, Year.

In-Text quote Format

The very first time you mention the scriptures in-text, incorporate the surname of the variation of the Bible, followed by one abbreviation the the book, the chapter and also verse(s).

(Title the Version, Book. Chapter.Verse)

For subsequent references, simply encompass the book, chapter, and verse.

(Book. Chapter.Verse)

Using the Correct version Is Important


Let her reader recognize which version of the scriptures you’re quoting, as they differ in wording.

Example Works Cited

The Bible. Authorized King James Version, Cambridge UP, 2004.

Example In-Text Citation

(Rom. 1.7)

Example Scripture

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: together it is written, The simply shall live by faith.

Example Works Cited

Holy Bible. American conventional Version, holy bible Domain Publishing, 2013.

Example In-Text Citation

(Rom. 1.7)

Citing MLA Online scriptures Sources

Oftentimes, you’ll find scriptures scriptures published online. Also full version of the holy bible are available. In this cases, simply include the URL of the source, just as you perform for other MLA citations.

Example works Cited

New worldwide Version. Biblica, 1983,

Example In-Text Citation

(Gen. 25.8)

If the version is consisted of in the title, you don’t need to include it again.Include the URL, if you retrieved the info from an virtual source.Do not include https:// come the URL.After the first reference to a source, usage the abbreviation in the text.

Using MLA Containers

These MLA citation instances give girlfriend a an easy understanding that formatting functions cited entries when referencing the Bible. Making use of the MLA 8 container mechanism with its nine core elements enables for flexibility. However, make sure to encompass the holy bible version in your citation.

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FAQ MLA scriptures Citation Examples

How execute you cite the scriptures in MLA format?

To create a bible citation in MLA format, include the title, version, editor, publisher, and also published year in your functions cited. To create an MLA quote in text, encompass the location of the version, book, chapter, and verse.

How execute you cite the scriptures in a functions cited page?

To point out the scriptures in your MLA works cited page, you will encompass the title, version, editor, publisher, and also year. Be sure to finish your citation v a period. Because that example:The Bible. Authorized King James Version, Oxford UP, 1998.

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How execute you point out the ESV scriptures in MLA?

The MLA 8 citation because that the English conventional Version (ESV) Study scriptures would it is in formatted like:Study Bible-ESV. English standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2014.

What is a holy bible citation?

A scriptures citation is do in the human body of your academic paper and in the functions cited page when concepts or message is taken native the Bible.

Do you have actually to cite the holy bible in MLA?

Yes, friend do have actually to mention the scriptures in MLA format. While many writing format formats execute not need a biblical citation, MLA does need it come be quote on the functions cited page and in-text.

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